Algorithmic Information Theory

Mathematics of Digital Information

  • Peter Seibt

Part of the Signals and Communication Technology book series (SCT)

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About this book


This book treats the Mathematics of many important areas in digital information processing.

It covers, in a unified presentation, five topics: Data Compression, Cryptography, Sampling (Signal Theory), Error Control Codes, Data Reduction. The thematic choices are practice-oriented. So, the important final part of the book deals with the Discrete Cosine Transform and the Discrete Wavelet Transform, acting in image compression. The presentation is dense, the examples and numerous exercises are concrete. The pedagogic architecture follows increasing mathematical complexity. A read-and-learn book on Concrete Mathematics, for teachers, students and practitioners in Electronic Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics.


Algebra Cryptogrphy Data Compression Data Reduction Error Control Codes Sampling (Signal Theory) algorithmic information theory algorithms complexity information information theory

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