Ecology of Harmful Algae

  • Edna Granéli
  • Jefferson T. Turner

Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 189)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXVI
  2. Harmful Algae and Their Global Distribution

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. E. Granéli, J. T. Turner
      Pages 3-7
    3. S. Janson, P. K. Hayes
      Pages 9-21
    4. N. Lundholm, Ø. Moestrup
      Pages 23-35
    5. K. A. Steidinger, E. Garccés
      Pages 37-49
  3. The Ecology of Major Harmful Algae Groups

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 51-51
    2. J. M. Burkholder, R. V. Azanza, Y. Sako
      Pages 53-66
    3. S. S. Bates, V. L. Trainer
      Pages 81-93
    4. H. W. Paerl, R. S. Fulton III
      Pages 95-109
    5. C. J. Gobler, W. G. Sunda
      Pages 111-123
  4. The Ecology and Physiology of Harmful Algae

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 125-125
    2. F. G. Figueiras, G. C. Pitcher, M. Estrada
      Pages 127-138
    3. M. J. W. Veldhuis, C. P. D. Brussaard
      Pages 153-162
    4. D. Stoecker, U. Tillmann, E. Granéli
      Pages 177-187
    5. W. G. Sunda
      Pages 203-214
    6. E. Granéli, K. Flynn
      Pages 229-241
    7. M. Kodama, G. J. Doucette, D. H. Green
      Pages 243-255
  5. Harmful Algae and the Food Web

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 257-257
    2. P. S. Salomon, I. Imai
      Pages 271-282
    3. G. Doucette, I. Maneiro, I. Riveiro, C. Svensen
      Pages 283-295
  6. Studying and Mitigating Harmful Algae: New Approaches

  7. Human Impact on Harmful Algae and Harmful Algae Impact on Human Activity

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 339-339
    2. J. T. Turner, E. Granéli
      Pages 355-366
    3. B. Dale, M. Edwards, P. C. Reid
      Pages 367-378
    4. G. Hallegraeff, S. Gollasch
      Pages 379-390
    5. P. Hoagland, S. Scatasta
      Pages 391-402
  8. Back Matter
    Pages 403-415

About this book


Harmful algal blooms are one of the consequences of the human impact on aquatic ecosystems, particularly the process of eutrophication. They can cause a variety of deleterious effects, including the poisoning of fish and shellfish, habitat disruptions for many organisms, water discolouration, beach fouling, and even toxic effects for humans.

This volume is a comprehensive synthesis of the latest research achievements concerning harmful algae (HA) ecology. International experts provide an in-depth analysis of HA topics including: global distribution, ecology of major HA groups, ecology and physiology of HA, HA and the food web, studying and mitigating HA, the human impact on HA and HA impact on human activity. This volume is an invaluable source of information for researchers in HA ecology as well as for advanced students, lecturers, and environmental managers.


Eutrophication Süßwasser algae cyanobacteria dinoflagellates ecology ecosystem environment freshwater ecology marine ecology physiology phytoplankton plankton taxonomy toxin

Editors and affiliations

  • Edna Granéli
    • 1
  • Jefferson T. Turner
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Marine SciencesUniversity of KalmarKalmarSweden
  2. 2.Biology Department and School for Marine Science and TechnologyUniversity of Massachusetts DartmouthNorth DartmouthUSA

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