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Reactive Flows, Diffusion and Transport

From Experiments via Mathematical Modeling to Numerical Simulation and Optimization Final Report of SFB (Collaborative Research Center) 359

  • Willi Jäger
  • Rolf Rannacher
  • Jürgen Warnatz
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-X
  2. Mathematical Analysis for Transport-Reaction Systems

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-3
    2. B. Schweizer, S. Bodea, C. Surulescu, I. Surovtsova
      Pages 5-24
    3. W. Jäger, Th. Lorenz, A. Tambulea
      Pages 25-41
  3. Navier-Stokes Equations and Chemical Reactions

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 43-46
    2. R. Becker, M. Braack, R. Rannacher, T. Richter
      Pages 47-75
    3. R. Becker, M. Braack, T. Richter
      Pages 77-92
  4. Optimization Methods for Reactive Flows

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 113-115
    2. H. G. Bock, S. Körkel, E. Kostina, J. P. Schlöder
      Pages 117-146
    3. H. G. Bock, E. Kostina, A. Schäfer, J. P. Schlöder, V. Schulz
      Pages 147-175
    4. R. Becker, M. Braack, D. Meidner, R. Rannacher, B. Vexler
      Pages 177-205
  5. Chemical Reaction Systems

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 207-210
    2. H. G. Bock, O. Deutschmann, S. Körkel, L. Maier, H. D. Minh, J. P. Schlöder et al.
      Pages 291-310
    3. O. R. Inderwildi, D. Starukhin, H. -R. Volpp, D. Lebiedz, O. Deutschmann, J. Warnatz
      Pages 311-340
    4. J. Starke, C. Reichert, M. Eiswirth, K. Oelschläger
      Pages 341-370
  6. Turbulent Flow and Combustion

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 371-373
    2. A. Gordner, S. Nägele, G. Wittum
      Pages 375-396

About these proceedings


The articles in this volume summarize the research results obtained in the former SFB 359 "Reactive Flow, Diffusion and Transport" which has been supported by the DFG over the period 1993-2004. The main subjects are physical-chemical processes sharing the difficulty of interacting diffusion, transport and reaction which cannot be considered separately. Typical examples are the chemical processes in flow reactors and in the catalytic combustion at surfaces. Further examples are models of star formation including diffusive mass transport, energy radiation and dust formation and the polluting transport in soil and waters. For these complex processes mathematical models are established and numerically simulated. The modeling uses multiscale techniques for nonlinear differential equations while for the numerical simulation and optimization goal-oriented mesh and model adaptivity, multigrid techniques and advanced Newton-type methods are developed combined with parallelization. This modeling and simulation is accompanied by experiments.


catalytic surface reaction large-eddy simulation mathematical modeling mesh adaptivity model modeling multiscale method optimal control of PDE optimization parameter estimation porous media flow radiative transfer reaction flow simulation spray flame

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  • Willi Jäger
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  • Rolf Rannacher
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  • Jürgen Warnatz
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  1. 1.Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Wissenschaftliches Rechnen (IWR)Universität HeidelbergHeidelbergGermany

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