Subordinating Modalities

A Quantitative Analysis of Syntactically Dependent Modal Verb Constructions

  • Pascal Hohaus

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About this book


This study is concerned with the use of the English modals (may, might, can, could, shall, should, will, would and must) in adverbial, relative complement clauses. It employs synchronic data from the British National Corpus and quantitative methods to investigate similarities and differences between the core modals, as well as modal-specific preferences in subordinate clauses. The main finding is that modal verbs in subordinate clauses may be conceived of as meso-constructions and that they qualify as micro-constructions once further syntagmatic features are considered. This allows for distinguishing modal verb phrases with different degrees of complexity, schematicity, productivity and subjectivity. Further applications give us insights into collocations, modal harmony, semantic preference, and the attraction of dynamic meaning to relative clauses.

  • Construction Grammar, Behavioural Profile Analysis
  • Hierarchical Configural Frequency Analysis, Correspondence Analysis
  • Monofactorial Analyses, Multifactorial Analyses
  • Complexity, Schematicity, Productivity, Subjectivity
  • Multicollinearity, Generalisability, Replicability
Target Groups
  • Academics and students of English Linguistics
  • Corpus linguists
The Author 
Pascal Hohaus worked as a PhD student at University of Hanover (2014–2019). He is currently coordinating the online study programs Business and Media Informatics at Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences (January 2020).


modality modal verbs usage-based linguistics subordination construction grammar corpus-based analysis adverbial clauses relative clauses complement clauses correspondence analysis hierarchical configurational frequency analysis collocation colligation BNC British National Corpus behavioural profile analysis monofactorial analysis multifactorial analysis follow-up study

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