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Numerical Simulation of Compressible Euler Flows

A GAMM Workshop

  • Editors
  • Alain Dervieux
  • Bram Van Leer
  • Jacques Periaux
  • Arthur Rizzi

Part of the Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design book series (NNFM, volume 26)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-VIII
  2. Problems for Analysis

    1. Alain Dervieux, Bram Van Leer, Jacques Periaux, Arthur Rizzi
      Pages 1-20
  3. Invited Survey Lectures

  4. Contributing Papers

    1. F. Angrand, V. Billey, J. Périaux, J. P. Rosenblum, B. Stoufflet
      Pages 54-75
    2. M. Borrel, J.-L. Montagne
      Pages 76-87
    3. F. Chalot, L. P. Franca, I. Harari, T. J. R. Hughes, F. Shakib, M. Mallet et al.
      Pages 88-104
    4. V. Couaillier, J. P. Veuillot
      Pages 105-121
    5. A. Dervieux, J. A. Desideri, F. Fezoui, B. Palmerio, J. P. Rosenblum, B. Stoufflet
      Pages 138-156
    6. Björn Krouthén, Arthur Rizzi
      Pages 197-226
    7. Gino Moretti, Antonio Lippolis
      Pages 251-274
    8. K. Morgan, J. Peraire, J. Peiro, O. C. Zienkiewicz
      Pages 275-291
    9. Maurizio Pandolfi, Francesco Larocca, Tesfaye Tamiru Ayele
      Pages 292-308
    10. J. L. Thomas, R. W. Walters, B. Van Leer, W. K. Anderson
      Pages 331-347
  5. Workshop Analysis

    1. Alain Dervieux, Bram Van Leer, Jacques Periaux, Arthur Rizzi
      Pages 348-359

About this book


The numerical simulation of the Euler equations of Fluid Dynamics has been these past few years a challenging problem both for research scientists and aerospace engineers. The increasing interest of more realistic models such as the Euler equations originates in Aerodynamics and also Aerothermics where aerospace applications such as military aircrafts and also space vehicles require accurate and efficient Euler solvers (which can be extended to more complicated modelisations including non-equilibrium chemistry) for su­ personic and hypersonic flows at high angles of attack and Mach number regimes involving strong shocks and vorticity. This book contains the proceedings of the GAMM Workshop on the Numerical Simu­ lation of Compressible Euler Flows. that W:LS held at INRIA, Rocquencourt (France), on June 10-13, 1986. The purpose of this event was to compare in terms of accuracy and efficiency several codes for solving compressible inviscid, mainly steady, Euler flows. This workshop was a sequel of the GAMM workshop held in 1979 in Stockholm; this time, though, because of the present strong activity in numerical methods for the Euler equat.ions, the full-potential approach was not included. Since 1979, other Eulpr workshops have been organised, sev­ eral of them focussed on airfoil calculations; however, many recently derived methods were not presented at these workshops, because, among other reasons, the methods were not far enough developed, or had not been applied to flow problems of sufficient complexity. In fact, the 1986 GAMM workshop scored very high as regards to the novelty of methods.


Dynamics Potential algorithms complexity finite element method fluid dynamics numerical method simulation

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