The Reception of Husserlian Phenomenology in North America

  • Michela Beatrice Ferri

Part of the Contributions To Phenomenology book series (CTPH, volume 100)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxvii
  2. Husserl’s Students Between Europe and North America

  3. Establishment at the New School

  4. Some Notable Husserlian Phenomenologists in North America

  5. The Spreading of Phenomenology in North America. Societies and Centers

  6. North American Phenomenological Journals

  7. Regional Phenomenological Schools

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 343-343
    2. Jeffrey Yoshimi, Clinton Tolley, David Woodruff Smith
      Pages 365-387
    3. Nicholas Rescher
      Pages 409-415
  8. Husserlian Phenomenology from an Analytical Perspective

  9. Back Matter
    Pages 461-482

About this book


This book presents a historiographical and theorical analysis of how Husserlian Phenomenology arrived and developed in North America. The chapters analyze the different phases of the reception of Edmund Husserl’s thought in the USA and Canada. The volume discusses the authors and universities that played a fundamental role in promoting Husserlian Phenomenology and clarifies their connection with American Philosophy, Pragmatism, and with Analytic Philosophy. 

Starting from the analysis of how the first American Scholars of Edmund Husserl's thought opened the door to the reception of his texts, the book explores the first encounters between Pragmatism and Husserlian Phenomenology in American Universities. The study focuses, then, on those Scholars who fled from Europe to America, from 1933 onwards, to escape Nazism - Felix Kaufmann, Alfred Schutz, Aron Gurwitsch, Herbert Spiegelberg, Fritz Kaufmann, among the most notable - and illustrates how their teaching provided the very basis for the spreading of Husserlian Phenomenology in North America. 

The volume examines, then, the action of the 20th Century North-American Husserl Scholars, together with those places, societies, centers, and journals, specifically created to represent the development of the studies devoted to Husserlian Phenomenology in the U.S., with a focus of the Regional Phenomenological Schools.


Alfred Schutz American Phenomenology Aron Gurwitsch California Phenomenology Dorion Cairns Edmund Husserl Freiburg Group Herbert Spiegelberg New School for Social Research Phenomenology in North America William Ernest Hocking Winthrop Bell

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