The Second Quantum Revolution

From Entanglement to Quantum Computing and Other Super-Technologies

  • Lars Jaeger

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Quantum 2.0—The Second Technological Revolution Arising from the Quantum World

  3. Quantum Worlds—The Bizarre in the Very Small

  4. From Quantum Field Theories to a “Theory of Everything”—All Material Dissolves

  5. Cutting Across Philosophical, Aesthetic, and Spiritual Frames of Thought

  6. Entanglement—Getting to the Crux of the Matter

  7. The Future—Where Are We Going?

  8. Back Matter
    Pages 329-339

About this book


This book tells the story of the second quantum revolution which will shape the 21st century as much as the first quantum revolution shaped the 20th century. It provides unique orientation in today's discussion and the latest progress on the interpretation of quantum physics and its further technological potential. 

As you read this book the first prototypes of this revolution are being built in laboratories worldwide. Super-technologies such as nanotechnology, quantum computers, quantum information processing, and others will soon shape our daily lives, even if physicists themselves continue to disagree on how to interpret the central theory of modern physics. The book will thus also touch on the profound philosophical questions at the heart of quantum mechanics.


Quantum 2.0 Quantum technology explained Popular quantum physics Quantum computers Quantum information processing Understanding entanglement Philosophy/interpretation of quantum physics Quantum healing and other nonsense

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