Flow Cytometry Basics for the Non-Expert

  • Christine Goetz
  • Christopher Hammerbeck
  • Jody Bonnevier

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Jody Bonnevier, Christopher Hammerbeck, Christine Goetz
    Pages 1-11
  3. Jody Bonnevier, Jae-Bong Huh, Christopher Hammerbeck, Christine Goetz
    Pages 13-24
  4. Christine Goetz, Christopher Hammerbeck
    Pages 25-40
  5. Christine Goetz, Christopher Hammerbeck
    Pages 41-51
  6. Christopher Hammerbeck, Christine Goetz, Jody Bonnevier
    Pages 75-102
  7. Christopher Hammerbeck, Christine Goetz, Li Jen Peng, Jae-Bong Huh
    Pages 103-148
  8. Christine Goetz, Christopher Hammerbeck, Andrew Wyman, Jae-Bong Huh
    Pages 149-155
  9. Christine Goetz, Christopher Hammerbeck
    Pages 157-181
  10. Christopher Hammerbeck, Christine Goetz
    Pages 183-203
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 205-219

About this book


Flow cytometry allows for the measurement of different aspects of a cell or particles in real time. Applications include quantifying various types of T cells to determine the presence of various immune disorders, such as whether HIV has progressed to AIDS, studying the dynamics of immune signaling in cells to detect the suppression of normal immune function, and analyzing biopsy specimens for tumors, to aid in cancer diagnosis and prognosis.

In addition to simplifying the technique and using vocabulary accessible to those not trained in cell biology and immunology, the book includes the following 4 unqiue features:

1) Tips on how to set up an experiment for flow cytometry optimially

2) An expanded data set of flow staining including multiparameter flow cytometry

3) Detailed staining protocols for flow cytometry (ex. protocols optimized for transcription factors, secreted cytokines, phospho-antibodies, and surface antigens)

4) Section devoted to antibody development and conjugation


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