International Aid, Administrative Reform and the Politics of EU Accession

The Case of Albania

  • Artan Karini

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About this book


This book provides a detailed analysis of the dimensions and dynamics of the role of international aid in the reform and capacity development of public service in post-communist Albania. It challenges the technocratic, results-based management frameworks used by aid organizations and reports of official donors operating in the country context, and offers a qualitative and critical assessment of the role of aid in administrative reform and capacity building. Secondly, the book highlights the specificity of the national politico-administrative context and its ability to modify the process of policy transfer from aid organizations to the Albanian bureaucracy. In doing so, it illustrates the domestic challenges in the transfer process towards policy learning and makes a valuable contribution to the debate over the (voluntary vs. coercive) administrative reform in Southeast Europe in relation to the politics of EU accession.

​Artan Karini is Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Policy and Administration at the American University in Cairo, Egypt, and Adjunct Research Professor at EURUS (European, Russian and Eurasian Studies), Carleton University, Canada.


international aid administrative reform capacity building EU accession Albania post-communist technocracy management frameworks aid organisations bureaucracy policy learning Southeast Europe aid-supported policies public sector reform policy incentives corruption political culture elites NGOs donors

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