Case Studies in the Origins of Capitalism

  • Xavier Lafrance
  • Charles Post

Part of the Marx, Engels, and Marxisms book series (MAENMA)

About this book


This edited volume builds and expands on the groundbreaking work of Robert Brenner and Ellen Meiksins Wood on the origins of capitalism. Whereas Brenner and Wood focused mostly on the emergence of capitalism in the English countryside (agrarian capitalism), this book utilizes their approach to offer original, theoretically sophisticated, and empirically informed accounts of transitions to capitalism – both agrarian and industrial – in a wide range of countries in order to provide within a single volume a diverse collection of relatively brief yet detailed case studies of the historical transition to capitalism distributed across three continents. Offering a new and highly original analysis of the global spread of capitalism, this book will be a unique contribution to the longstanding debate on the transition to capitalism.


Transitions to capitalism East Asia capitalism proletarianization property relations class reproduction Jacobinism Jacobin political economy Kemalism capitalist agrarian economy Merchant-industrialists radical politics industrial capitalism Expropriation Peasantry Tenancy global capitalism

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  • Xavier Lafrance
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  • Charles Post
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  1. 1.University of Québec in MontréalMontréal, QCCanada
  2. 2.Graduate Center and Borough of Manhattan Community CollegeCity University of New YorkNew York, NYUSA

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