Bioinformation Discovery

Data to Knowledge in Biology

  • Pandjassarame¬†Kangueane

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About this book


This new edition continues to illustrate the power of biological data in knowledge discovery. It describes biological data types and representations with examples for creating a workflow in bioinformation discovery. The concepts in knowledge discovery from data are illustrated using line diagrams. The principles and concepts in knowledge discovery are used for the development of prediction models for simulations of biological reactions and events. Advanced topics in molecular evolution and cellular & molecular biology are addressed using bioinformation gleaned through discovery. Each chapter contains approximately 10 exercises for practice. This will help students to expand their problem solving skills in Bioinformation Discovery. In this new edition, there are three new chapters covering single nucleotide polymorphism, genes, proteins and disease, and protein functions driven by surface electrostatics. 


biology evolution genes genome histocompatibility molecular biology plannedjc protein proteins research

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