Inventing the EU as a Democratic Polity

Concepts, Actors and Controversies

  • Claudia Wiesner

Part of the Palgrave Studies in European Political Sociology book series (PSEPS)

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  2. The Theoretical and Methodological Toolkit

  3. Inventing the EU as a Democratic Polity

  4. The EU as a Supranational Democratic Polity?

  5. The Inner Market, Multi-level Governance and Democracy

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About this book


The EU as a democratic polity has been invented: it is a product of creative and innovative actors and thinkers that conceptualized and by and by helped to realise it, from the beginning up to the present. But the concepts, ideas, and utopias of a democratic Europe differ considerably. The processes of inventing and building a democratic EU are marked by conceptual controversies in both public and academic debates. These are the resource for the present book, which focuses on the concepts, actors and controversies related to inventing the EU as a democratic polity. The chapters study exemplary long-term and detail cases related to inventing and institutionalizing the decisive elements of representative democracy in the EU—a parliament, citizens that vote for it in universal suffrage and governmental bodies that are linked to parliament in much the same way as government is in a parliamentary democracy.

Claudia Wiesner is Professor for Political science at Fulda University of Applied Sciences and adjunct Professor in Political Science at Jyväskylä University, Finland. Her main research interests lie in the comparative study of democracy, political culture and political sociology in the EU multilevel system. Wiesner´s second field of research is Public Policy, its evaluation, reform and theory.


invented conceptual controversies triad of representative democracy parliament-representation-legislature citizens-subjects-people-sovereign-electorate-demos government-executive concept plural set reality changes political controversy struggle analytical and theoretical categories indicators of social, institutional and political changes EU as a democratic polity European unification intergovernmental model of sovereign nation states interinstitutional micro-politics EU citizenship Court of Justice of the EU European Parliament

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