Implementing Supplier Diversity

Driver of Entrepreneurship

  • Kathey K. Porter

Table of contents

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  2. Creation, Evolution, and Emergence of Supplier Diversity Programs

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  3. Driving Entrepreneurship

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  4. Designing an Effective Supplier Diversity Program

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  5. Helping Entrepreneurs Use Supplier Diversity Programs to Scale

  6. The Future of Supplier Diversity Programs

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    Pages C1-C4
  8. Back Matter
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About this book


This book provides an in-depth view of supplier diversity programs and how they have contributed to the meteoric rise of minority businesses. Incorporating expert advice from supplier diversity practitioners as well as empirical data, it looks at the emergence of supplier diversity programs, how to make them effective, and their future.

Supplier diversity ensures an open and inclusive competition for contracts during the procurement process, and the use of vendors of different backgrounds fosters a better understanding of a diverse customer base. Over the last decade the number of minority-owned firms in the US has increased 38 per cent. As the number of minority entrepreneurs continues to rise, these business owners have recognized the need for B2B opportunities, and supplier diversity programs that create the fastest path to scale and grow a small business.

Porter highlights the history and impact of these programs as sources of business education as well as pipeline development for minority and women entrepreneurs. Finally, readers interested in levelling the playing field in business have a go-to source.


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