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“Tired all the Time”

Persistent Fatigue and Healthcare

  • Offers a uniquely comprehensive exploration of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with emphasis on original research

  • Explores future challenges faced by primary care

  • Provides insight for health psychologists, medical and allied professions and academic researchers in fatigue


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This book explores the history, effects, diagnosis and treatment of chronic fatigue as well its significant links to other illnesses. Fatigue is a difficult symptom to accurately assess and quantify due to its subjective nature. Marie Thomas discusses the uncertainties and difficulties in its diagnosis as well as the broader effects of fatigue on quality of life. 

Fatigue is an increasingly reported problem in primary care, and one that is associated with other chronic conditions as a secondary symptom. Using several case studies, this book describes how in many cases, a patient’s primary condition can be managed; however General Practitioners are left unable to address the fatigue experienced, especially in older adults. Chapters consider the interventions that exist to manage fatigue – especially in the case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) – before highlighting the lack of strategies in primary care for dealing with the problem. In the final chapter Thomas discusses potential interventions and gives recommendations for future research regarding fatigue. This book will be of interest to academics and practitioners in healthcare and psychology, as well as to patient groups and those who care for individuals with fatigue.


chronic fatigue syndrome neurasthenia neurology occupational therapy psychotherapy medical intervention Epstein-Barr virus Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Upper Respiratory Tract Infection health-related behaviour cognitive performance depression tiredness

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Marie Thomas is Reader in Psychology at Bath Spa University, UK. Her expertise lies in the effects of a range of health-related factors in human mood, psychopathology and performance – including caffeine, alcohol, colds and influenza. She is particularly interested in fatigue and cognition, and her PhD focussed on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She has more recently widened her research to investigate fatigue across a range of health conditions.

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