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Domain Decomposition Methods in Science and Engineering XXIV

  • Petter E. Bjørstad
  • Susanne C. Brenner
  • Lawrence Halpern
  • Hyea Hyun Kim
  • Ralf Kornhuber
  • Talal Rahman
  • Olof B. Widlund
Conference proceedings DD 2017

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering book series (LNCSE, volume 125)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxii
  2. Plenary Talks (PT)

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. James H. Adler, Francisco J. Gaspar, Xiaozhe Hu, Carmen Rodrigo, Ludmil T. Zikatanov
      Pages 3-16
    3. P. Colli Franzone, L. F. Pavarino, S. Scacchi, Stefano Zampini
      Pages 31-43
    4. Juan Galvis, Eric T. Chung, Yalchin Efendiev, Wing Tat Leung
      Pages 45-57
    5. Paola Gervasio, Alfio Quarteroni
      Pages 59-71
    6. Stefano Zampini, Panayot Vassilevski, Veselin Dobrev, Tzanio Kolev
      Pages 103-116
  3. Talks in Minisymposia (MT)

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 117-117
    2. Petter E. Bjørstad, Martin J. Gander, Atle Loneland, Talal Rahman
      Pages 129-137
    3. Marcella Bonazzoli, Victorita Dolean, Ivan G. Graham, Euan A. Spence, Pierre-Henri Tournier
      Pages 139-147
    4. Marcella Bonazzoli, Victorita Dolean, Ivan G. Graham, Euan A. Spence, Pierre-Henri Tournier
      Pages 149-157
    5. Faycal Chaouqui, Martin J. Gander, Kévin Santugini-Repiquet
      Pages 159-167
    6. Gabriele Ciaramella, Martin J. Gander
      Pages 177-186
    7. Xavier Claeys, Bertrand Thierry, Francis Collino
      Pages 187-194

About these proceedings


These are the proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods in Science and Engineering, which was held in Svalbard, Norway in February 2017. 

Domain decomposition methods are iterative methods for solving the often very large systems of equations that arise when engineering problems are discretized, frequently using finite elements or other modern techniques. These methods are specifically designed to make effective use of massively parallel, high-performance computing systems.

The book presents both theoretical and computational advances in this domain, reflecting the state of art in 2017.


Domain decomposition methods Iterative methods Numerical methods for PDEs Parallel computing Large linear systems of equations Finite element method

Editors and affiliations

  • Petter E. Bjørstad
    • 1
  • Susanne C. Brenner
    • 2
  • Lawrence Halpern
    • 3
  • Hyea Hyun Kim
    • 4
  • Ralf Kornhuber
    • 5
  • Talal Rahman
    • 6
  • Olof B. Widlund
    • 7
  1. 1.Department of InformaticsUniversity of BergenBergenNorway
  2. 2.Department of MathematicsLouisana State UniversityBaton RougeUSA
  3. 3.Laboratoire Analyse, Géométrie et ApplicationsUniversité Paris 13VilletaneuseFrance
  4. 4.Department of Applied MathematicsKyung Hee UniversityYonginKorea (Republic of)
  5. 5.FB Mathematik und InformatikFreie Universität BerlinBerlinGermany
  6. 6.Western Norway University of Applied SciencesBergenNorway
  7. 7.Courant Institute of Mathematical SciencesNew York UniversityNew YorkUSA

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