Genomic Designing of Climate-Smart Oilseed Crops

  • Chittaranjan Kole

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxv
  2. Juhi Chaudhary, SM Shivaraj, Praveen Khatri, Heng Ye, Lijuan Zhou, Mariola Klepadlo et al.
    Pages 1-74
  3. Harsh Raman, Rajneet Kaur Uppal, Rosy Raman
    Pages 75-131
  4. Sunil S. Gangurde, Rakesh Kumar, Arun K. Pandey, Mark Burow, Haydee E. Laza, Spurthi N. Nayak et al.
    Pages 133-172
  5. Dragana Miladinović, Nada Hladni, Aleksandra Radanović, Siniša Jocić, Sandra Cvejić
    Pages 173-238
  6. S. M. Shivaraj, Priyanka Dhakate, Humira Sonah, Tri Vuong, Henry T. Nguyen, Rupesh Deshmukh
    Pages 239-274
  7. Priya Panjabi, Satish Kumar Yadava, Nitin Kumar, Rajkumar Bangkim, Nirala Ramchiary
    Pages 275-369
  8. Haiyang Zhang, Hongmei Miao, Ming Ju
    Pages 371-440
  9. Xuegui Yin, Jiannong Lu, Kwadwo Gyapong Agyenim-Boateng, Shuai Liu
    Pages 441-498

About this book


This book highlights modern strategies and methods to improve oilseed crops in the era of climate change, presenting the latest advances in plant molecular breeding and genomics-driven breeding.

Spectacular achievements in the fields of molecular breeding, transgenics and genomics in the last three decades have facilitated revolutionary changes in oilseed- crop-improvement strategies and techniques. Since the genome sequencing of rice, as the first crop plant, in 2002, the genomes of about one dozen oilseed crops have been sequenced and more are to follow. This has made it possible to decipher the exact nucleotide sequence and chromosomal positions of agroeconomic genes. Most importantly, comparative genomics and genotyping-by-sequencing have opened up new vistas for exploring available biodiversity, particularly of wild crop relatives, for identifying useful donor genes.


global warming adaptation climate-smart genes abiotic stress genomics-assisted breeding molecular breeding allele mining soybean sunflower peanut oilseed rape flax castor bean

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