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Topics on Continua


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    Pages i-xvii
  2. Sergio Macías
    Pages 1-51
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    Pages 53-111
  4. Sergio Macías
    Pages 113-186
  5. Sergio Macías
    Pages 187-202
  6. Sergio Macías
    Pages 203-245
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    Pages 247-325
  8. Sergio Macías
    Pages 327-369
  9. Sergio Macías
    Pages 371-426
  10. Sergio Macías
    Pages 427-436
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 437-441

About this book


This book is a significant companion text to the existing literature on continuum theory. It opens with background information of continuum theory, so often missing from the preceding publications, and then explores the following topics: inverse limits, the Jones set function T, homogenous continua, and n-fold hyperspaces. In this new edition of the book, the author builds on the aforementioned topics, including the unprecedented presentation of n-fold hyperspace suspensions and induced maps on n-fold hyperspaces.

The first edition of the book has had a remarkable impact on the continuum theory community. After twelve years, this updated version will also prove to be an excellent resource within the field of topology.


Inverse limits Topology monograph Jones' Set Function T Homogeneous continua Continuum theory n-fold hyperspaces n-fold hyperspace suspensions Induced maps on n-fold hyperspaces

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  1. 1.Instituto de MatemáticasUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de MéxicoCiudad de MéxicoMexico

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