Towards Digital Enlightenment

Essays on the Dark and Light Sides of the Digital Revolution

  • Dirk Helbing

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  3. Carlo Ratti, Dirk Helbing
    Pages 21-23
  4. Jan Nagler, Jeroen van den Hoven, Dirk Helbing
    Pages 41-46
  5. Dirk Helbing, Bruno S. Frey, Gerd Gigerenzer, Ernst Hafen, Michael Hagner, Yvonne Hofstetter et al.
    Pages 73-98
  6. Dirk Helbing
    Pages 99-102
  7. Dirk Helbing
    Pages 103-106
  8. Dirk Helbing
    Pages 107-120
  9. Dirk Helbing, Stefan Klauser
    Pages 157-162
  10. Jeroen van den Hoven, Johan Pouwelse, Dirk Helbing, Stefan Klauser
    Pages 163-166
  11. Dirk Helbing
    Pages 187-200
  12. Dirk Helbing
    Pages 213-222

About this book


This new collection of essays follows in the footsteps of the successful volume Thinking Ahead - Essays on Big Data, Digital Revolution, and Participatory Market Society, published at a time when our societies were on a path to technological totalitarianism, as exemplified by mass surveillance reported by Edward Snowden and others.


Meanwhile the threats have diversified and tech companies have gathered enough data to create detailed profiles about almost everyone living in the modern world - profiles that can predict our behavior better than our friends, families, or even partners. This is not only used to manipulate peoples’ opinions and voting behaviors, but more generally to influence consumer behavior at all levels. It is becoming increasingly clear that we are rapidly heading towards a cybernetic society, in which algorithms and social bots aim to control both the societal dynamics and individual behaviors.


Big nudging Digital information age Social self-organization Emergent social behavior Complex social systems Participatory market society Technical totalitarianism Digital influence Digital Nudging Blockchain technology Trust economy Techno-social systems

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