Cave and Karst Systems of Romania

  • Gheorghe M. L. Ponta
  • Bogdan P. Onac

Part of the Cave and Karst Systems of the World book series (CAKASYWO)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Ioan Balintoni
    Pages 9-20
  3. Bogdan P. Onac, Cristian Goran
    Pages 21-35
  4. Gheorghe M. L. Ponta
    Pages 41-45
  5. Bogdan P. Onac, Virgil Drăgușin, Felix Papiu, Crin-Triandafil Theodorescu
    Pages 47-56
  6. Daniel Veres, Marian Cosac, George Murătoreanu, Ulrich Hambach
    Pages 57-63
  7. Maria-Lidia Nuțu-Dragomir, Gigi-Paul Dragomir
    Pages 65-72
  8. Virgil Drăgușin, Ionuț Mirea, Augustin Nae, Maria-Laura Tîrlă
    Pages 79-82
  9. Gheorghe M. L. Ponta, Gheorghe V. Aldica, Radu Dumitru
    Pages 83-91
  10. Gheorghe M. L. Ponta
    Pages 93-103
  11. Raul-Bogdan Tomuş, Radu-Ciprian Breban
    Pages 105-111
  12. Raul-Bogdan Tomuș, Radu-C. Breban, Bogdan P. Onac
    Pages 113-129
  13. Ioan Povară, Gheorghe M. L. Ponta
    Pages 131-141
  14. Doru Bădescu, Horațiu Roman, Iulia Bădescu
    Pages 143-147
  15. Ioan Povară, Virgil Drăguşin, Ionuţ Mirea
    Pages 149-156
  16. Gheorghe M. L. Ponta, Gheorghe V. Aldica, Tiberiu Tulucan
    Pages 157-163
  17. Mihai Baciu, Gabor Mogyorosi, Virgil Drăgușin, Zsolt Gyurka, Szabolcs Storozynski
    Pages 165-169
  18. Virgil Drăguşin, Marius Vlaicu, Emilian Isverceanu
    Pages 171-173
  19. Ioan Povară, Cristian Lascu
    Pages 175-182
  20. Cristian Goran, Ioan Povară
    Pages 183-201
  21. Gheorghe M. L. Ponta
    Pages 203-212
  22. Ioan Povară, Horia Mitrofan, Bogdan P. Onac, Constantin Marin, Eugen Niţu, Daniela Ioniţă et al.
    Pages 213-226
  23. Petr Barák, Tomáš Svoboda, Gheorghe M. L. Ponta
    Pages 227-232
  24. Silviu Constantin
    Pages 233-241
  25. Eugen Crețu
    Pages 243-247
  26. Ferenc L. Forray
    Pages 271-275
  27. Felix Papiu, Bogdan P. Onac
    Pages 277-281
  28. Christian Ciubotărescu
    Pages 283-291
  29. Christian Ciubotărescu, Bogdan P. Onac
    Pages 293-301
  30. Gheorghe M. L. Ponta
    Pages 303-317
  31. Jozef Psotka, Vladimír Papáč
    Pages 319-326
  32. József Zih, Katalin Zih-Perényi, Ludovic Mátyási
    Pages 327-334
  33. Katalin Zih-Perényi, József Zih, Paul-Erik Damm , Szabolcs Szűcs, Bogdan P. Onac
    Pages 335-346
  34. Philipp Häuselmann
    Pages 347-355
  35. Gheorghe M. L. Ponta, Mihai Besesek, Valentin Alexandru Radu
    Pages 357-365
  36. Ioana N. Meleg, Marius Robu, Daniela R. Borda, Ludovic Mátyási, Călin Ghemiș, Viorel T. Lascu
    Pages 367-373
  37. Gheorghe M. L. Ponta
    Pages 375-391
  38. Serban M. Sarbu, Cristian Lascu, Traian Brad
    Pages 429-436
  39. Virgil Drăgușin, Daniela Dimofte, Ionuț Mirea
    Pages 437-441

About this book


This book focuses on Romania’s more than 12,000 caves, which developed in limestone (including thermal water caves), salt, gypsum, and occasionally in sandstone. It examines these caves and related topics in a format suitable for cavers, while also addressing a broad range of aspects useful for students and researchers. Since the Institute of Speleology was first established by Emil Racovita in 1920, a great deal of research has been conducted on all cave and karst types. As such, the book examines a variety of scientific fields, including karst geology, hydrogeology, biospeleology, paleoclimatology, mineralogy and archaeology.


Apuseni Mountains Banat Mountains Carpathians Gypsum Caves Karst in Romania Salt Caves Sandstone Caves Thermal Water Caves Transylvanian Plateau

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  • Gheorghe M. L. Ponta
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  • Bogdan P. Onac
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  1. 1.Groundwater Assessment ProgramGeological Survey of AlabamaTuscaloosaUSA
  2. 2.School of GeosciencesUniversity of South FloridaTampaUSA

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