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Mexican Natural Resources Management and Biodiversity Conservation

Recent Case Studies

  • Alfredo Ortega-Rubio


  • This book addresses the links between natural resource management and biodiversity conservation in Mexico

  • A truly multidisciplinary book, including a wide array of author´s from the social, economic and natural sciences

  • It offers practical recommendations for Mexican biodiversity conservation, which can be extrapolated to other Latin American countries


Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Public Policies

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Cecilia Leonor Jiménez-Sierra, Daniel Torres-Orozco Jiménez, Ma Loraine Matias-Palafox
      Pages 53-71
    3. Norma Patricia Muñoz Sevilla, Maxime Le Bail, Omar Berkelaar Muñoz
      Pages 105-115
    4. Irma Cristina Espitia-Moreno, Oscar Valdemar De la Torre-Torres, Dolores Guadalupe Martínez-Peña
      Pages 117-130
    5. David J. Jefferson, Ileana Serrano Fraire, Luis Felipe Beltrán-Morales
      Pages 131-148
    6. Gerardo Rodríguez-Quiroz, Isidro Luis Rodríguez-Franco, Daniel Gracía-Urquídez, Miguel Ángel Pinkus Rendón, Manuel Jesús Pinkus Rendón
      Pages 149-164
  3. Theoretical Aspects

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 165-165
    2. Miguel Pinkus-Rendón, Enrique Rodríguez-Balam, Manuel Pinkus-Rendón
      Pages 167-176
    3. Alfonso Aguirre-Muñoz, Yuliana Bedolla-Guzmán, Julio Hernández-Montoya, Mariam Latofski-Robles, Luciana Luna-Mendoza, Federico Méndez-Sánchez et al.
      Pages 177-192
    4. Arturo Gómez Barrero, Arturo Gómez-Pompa, Andrea Gómez Lissarrague
      Pages 193-224
    5. Daniel Torres-Orozco Jiménez, Benito Vázquez-Quesada, Cecilia L. Jiménez-Sierra
      Pages 225-249
    6. José Alfredo Arreola-Lizárraga, Gustavo Padilla-Arredondo, Thelma Michelle Ruiz-Ruiz, Luz María Cruz-García, Lía Celina Méndez-Rodríguez, Pablo Hernández-Almaraz et al.
      Pages 251-283
    7. María Carmen Blázquez, Patricia Vázquez, Alfredo Ortega-Rubio
      Pages 285-304
    8. Aurora Breceda, Alondra Calderón, Denhi Salinas, Joaquín Sosa
      Pages 305-318
    9. Guillermo Zúñiga-Gutiérrez, Veneranda Rubio-Pérez
      Pages 347-374
    10. María Mercedes Castillo-Uzcanga, Everardo Barba-Macías, Alejandro Espinoza-Tenorio
      Pages 375-401

About this book


This book presents valuable and recent lessons learned regarding the links between natural resources management, from a Socio-Ecological perspective, and the biodiversity conservation in Mexico. It address the political and social aspects, as well as the biological and ecological factors, involved in natural resources management and their impacts on biodiversity conservation. It is a useful resource for researchers and professionals around the globe, but especially those in Latin American countries, which are grappling with the same Bio-Cultural heritage conservation issues.


Biological and Ecological Issues in biodiversity conservation Political Issues in biodiversity conservation Social Issues in biodiversity conservation Ancestral knowledges in sustainable resources management Environmental Conservation

Editors and affiliations

  • Alfredo Ortega-Rubio
    • 1
  1. 1.Red Nacional Áreas Naturales Protegidas RENANP-CONACYTCentro de Investigaciones Biológicas del Noroeste CIBNOR-CONACYTLa Paz, Baja California SurMexico

About the editors

Alfredo Ortega-Rubio. Ph.D. with specialty in Ecology is currently a titular researcher at the Northwest Centre for Biological Research in Mexico. He has received three national awards from the President of the Mexican Republic for his career in scientific research, with a Socio-Ecological perspective, applied to biodiversity conservation in Natural Protected Areas. He has published 194 original research articles, 21 books and 99 book chapters. He has led 175 very large projects on resource management, ecological restoration and environmental impact assessment, including those required to create the Sierra de La Laguna, Vizcaíno Desert and Revillagigedo Archipelago, Biosphere Reserves. He has directed a total of 63 postgraduate thesis, including 35 Ph.D. and 28 Master in Sciences. He has been awarded with the international INTERCIENCIA Prize in Biodiversity Conservation on the American Continent in 2007. He was also awarded the Prize for Scientific Research in the State of Baja California Sur. Since 2004 he has been Researcher "E", the top Researcher level at the CONACYT Research Centres system.

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