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Fundamentals of Java Programming


Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Programming Basics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Mitsunori Ogihara
      Pages 3-27
    3. Mitsunori Ogihara
      Pages 29-67
    4. Mitsunori Ogihara
      Pages 69-85
    5. Mitsunori Ogihara
      Pages 87-108
    6. Mitsunori Ogihara
      Pages 109-141
  3. Loops

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 171-171
    2. Mitsunori Ogihara
      Pages 173-209
    3. Mitsunori Ogihara
      Pages 211-224
    4. Mitsunori Ogihara
      Pages 225-244
    5. Mitsunori Ogihara
      Pages 245-261
    6. Mitsunori Ogihara
      Pages 263-292
  4. Arrays and Objects

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 293-293
    2. Mitsunori Ogihara
      Pages 295-323
    3. Mitsunori Ogihara
      Pages 325-356
    4. Mitsunori Ogihara
      Pages 357-366
    5. Mitsunori Ogihara
      Pages 367-390
    6. Mitsunori Ogihara
      Pages 391-423

About this book


Making extensive use of examples, this textbook on Java programming teaches the fundamental skills for getting started in a command-line environment. Meant to be used for a one-semester course to build solid foundations in Java, Fundamentals of Java Programming eschews second-semester content to concentrate on over 180 code examples and 250 exercises.

Key object classes (String, Scanner, PrintStream, Arrays, and File) are included to get started in Java programming. The programs are explained with almost line-by-line descriptions, also with chapter-by-chapter coding exercises.

    Teaching resources include solutions to the exercises, as well as digital lecture slides.


    java Java programming Command-line File input and output Conditional execution Loops Recursive Algorithms Java Collection Framework Procedural Decomposition Passing Values Arrays

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    About the authors

    Mitsunori Ogihara is a professor of Computer Science at the University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL.  Prior to joining the University of Miami, he was a professor of Computer Science at the University of Rochester, Rochester, NY.  He is presently an editor of Theory of Computing Systems (Springer), International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science (World Scientific Press), and Open Computer Science Journal (De Gruyter).  He has published three books: A Complexity Theory Companion (Springer), Music Data Mining (CRC Press), and one in Japanese. He has published more than 190 research articles.

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