Step Wise Protocols for Somatic Embryogenesis of Important Woody Plants

Volume I

  • Shri Mohan Jain
  • Pramod Gupta

Part of the Forestry Sciences book series (FOSC, volume 84)

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Itziar A. Montalbán, Paloma Moncaleán
    Pages 1-11
  3. Gerald S. Pullman, John Frampton
    Pages 33-47
  4. Dragana Stojičić, Branka Uzelac, Snežana Budimir
    Pages 49-62
  5. Cristina Celestino, Elena Carneros, Nuria González-Cabrero, Inmaculada Hernández, Mariano Toribio
    Pages 63-81
  6. Miguel Pedro Guerra, Leila do Nascimento Vieira, Hugo Pacheco de Freitas Fraga
    Pages 83-91
  7. Pilar S. Testillano, Beatriz Pintos, Aranzazu Gomez-Garay, María C. Risueño
    Pages 93-105
  8. Jeffrey E. Hartle
    Pages 107-121
  9. Malin Abrahamsson, David Clapham, Sara von Arnold
    Pages 123-133
  10. Aranzazu Gomez-Garay, José Antonio Manzanera, Pilar S. Testillano, Beatriz Pintos
    Pages 135-147
  11. Anna Kraft, Marianne Kadolsky
    Pages 149-158
  12. Cátia Pereira, Itziar A. Montalbán, Sandra Isabel Correia, Jorge Canhoto, Paloma Moncaleán
    Pages 159-166
  13. Maria Cano, Angeles Morcillo, Alicia Humánez, Isabel Mendoza-Poudereux, Alex Alborch, Juan Segura et al.
    Pages 167-179
  14. Elena Corredoira, Inmaculada Hernández, Marian Morcillo, Mª Teresa Martínez, Mar Ruiz-Galea, Mª José Cernadas et al.
    Pages 181-195
  15. Jana Krajňáková, Hely Häggman
    Pages 197-209
  16. Cyrus K. Aidun, Ulrika Egertsdotter
    Pages 211-227
  17. Mar Ruiz-Galea, Dolores López-Vela, Jesús Jiménez, Nieves Alonso-Blázquez, Jesús Alegre, Cristina Celestino et al.
    Pages 243-254
  18. Saila Varis
    Pages 255-267
  19. Elena Corredoira, Ana M. Vieitez, Antonio Ballester
    Pages 269-282
  20. Liliana Marum, Sandra Nunes, Tânia Almeida, Vanessa Tolentino Pereira, Nelson Farinha, Maria Celeste Dias et al.
    Pages 283-294
  21. Alejandra Lara-Chavez, Ulrika Egertsdotter, Barry S. Flinn
    Pages 295-305
  22. Iraida N. Tretyakova, Denis N. Shuvaev
    Pages 307-317
  23. Back Matter
    Pages 319-323

About this book


Earlier, we edited a well received series on "Somatic embryogenesis in woody trees", volumes 1 to 6. These volumes provided readers extensive reviews on somatic embryogenesis of important angiosperm and gymnosperm tree species; an excellent source of information for newcomers or those already engaged in research. However, these book volumes did not cover stepwise "detailed protocols" for inducing somatic embryogenesis. This book contains 2 volumes describing protocols for somatic embryogenesis of woody plants. 

Volume 1 includes a total of 23 book chapters covering Abies sps, Picea sps, Pinus sps., Eucalyptus globulus ,  Quercus sps., Larix x eurolepis,  Podocarpus lamberti, manufactured seeds, SE. Fludics system, cryopreservation, Anther culture.

Volume 2 deals with 27 book chapters on guava, olive, coffee, microspore embryogenesis in almond, cacao, black cohosh, tamarillo, coconut, cherry, date palm, oil palm, rough lemon, alpataco, hybrid aspen,  rose, grapevine, Turkish cyclamen sps, Gomortega keule, tea, Acai palm, Passiflora, tree-fern somatic embryo cryopreservation, tamarillo cryopreservation, avocado, haploid embryogenesis in tea, neem. 

The book provides stepwise protocols for somatic embryogenesis of a range of selected woody plants in order to assist researchers to initiate somatic embryogenic cultures without too much alterations in protocols. Each chapter provides information on initiation and maintenance of embryogenic cultures; somatic embryo development, maturation, and germination; acclimitization and field transfer of somatic seedlings. 


Bur Embryo Conifers Genetic Transformation Olive Seedlings Woody Plants

Editors and affiliations

  • Shri Mohan Jain
    • 1
  • Pramod Gupta
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Agricultural SciencesUniversity of HelsinkiHelsinkiFinland
  2. 2.Technology CenterWeyerhaeuser CompanyFederal WayUSA

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