Quaternary History of the Coorong Coastal Plain, Southern Australia

An Archive of Environmental and Global Sea-Level Changes

  • Colin V. Murray-Wallace

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This book provides an up-to-date overview of the Quaternary geological and geomorphological evolution of the Coorong Coastal Plain region and its significance in a global context for understanding long-term records of Quaternary sea-level changes.
The Coorong Coastal Plain in southern Australia is a natural laboratory for examining the response of coastal barrier landscapes to relative sea-level changes. The region provides direct evidence of coastal sedimentation during successive interglacials over the past 1 million years, as well as more recent volcanism. The region has received international focus and attracted scientists from around the World, with interests in long-term coastal evolution, sea-level changes, Quaternary dating methods and geochronology, soil development, temperate carbonate sedimentation, karst geomorphology and geologically recent volcanism.  


Coastal evolution and Southern Australia Temperate carbonate sediments Quaternary sea-level changes and Southern Australia Neotectonics and Southern Australia Southern Australia

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  • Colin V. Murray-Wallace
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