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A Modern Multidisciplinary Approach

  • Adam I. Riker

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xix
  2. John F. Thompson, Richard Kefford, Graham Stevens, Richard Scolyer
    Pages 1-13
  3. Amir Dehdashtian, Thomas P. Stringer, Abby Joan Warren, Euphemia W. Mu, Bardia Amirlak, Ladan Shahabi
    Pages 15-26
  4. Sowmiya Murali, Mary E. Logue, Yvonne Talamantes, Marianne Berwick
    Pages 27-37
  5. Clara Curiel-Lewandrowski, Clara Stemwedel, Mihaela Balu, Suephy C. Chen, Laura K. Ferris, Pedram Gerami et al.
    Pages 39-85
  6. Michael E. Egger, Jeffrey E. Gershenwald
    Pages 87-103
  7. Katja Harbst, Göran Jönsson
    Pages 105-114
  8. Marjan E. Askarian-Amiri, Euan J. Rodger, Aniruddha Chatterjee, Graeme Finlay, Bruce C. Baguley
    Pages 115-132
  9. Yutaka Kawakami, Adam I. Riker
    Pages 133-142
  10. Zachary J. Wolner, Oriol Yélamos, Konstantinos Liopyris, Ashfaq A. Marghoob
    Pages 143-158
  11. Cindy Wassef, Lea J. Bellomo, David I. Silverstein
    Pages 177-191
  12. Jane L. Messina, Rahel A. John
    Pages 193-212
  13. Radhika Sreeraman Kumar, Jane L. Messina, Damon R. Reed, Vernon K. Sondak
    Pages 213-237
  14. Joanna L. Walker, Annie Wang, George Kroumpouzos, Martin A. Weinstock
    Pages 239-252
  15. Lauge Hjorth Mikkelsen, Steffen Heegaard
    Pages 253-272
  16. Ronald W. Milam Jr., Anthony B. Daniels
    Pages 273-312
  17. Adam I. Riker, Marco Antonio Rajo, Stephen L. Lambert, Jonathan S. Lam
    Pages 313-322
  18. Joy Kunishige, John Zitelli
    Pages 323-335
  19. Joseph Zenga, Kevin Emerick, Shaun Desai
    Pages 337-350

About this book


This text serves as a very useful clinical guide and realistic approach to the clinical management of melanoma. Primary care physicians, specialists from varying areas of medical practice and numerous other healthcare providers will find this text to be quite useful as a standard daily reference and use in the office setting. It provides a clear and concise source of information in order to make real-life, evidence-based decisions for all aspects of management for cutaneous melanoma. This book also provides the latest breakthroughs in melanoma research, ranging from recent discoveries in genomics and epigenetics, to newly identified genes that have been selectively targeted for the development of a personalized approach to treatment.
All chapters are written by specialists and true experts within their respective fields, incorporating the latest scientific, clinical and evidence-based medicine for melanoma (and non-melanoma skin cancers). This up-to-date information can be easily applied and translated to the clinical setting for the melanoma patient.


Pathology of melanoma Childhood melanoma Pregnancy and melanoma Uveal melanoma locoregional disease lymphoscintigraphy a. Intralesional therapy

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“This is a meaty reference covering a gamut of topics on melanoma, including controversial ones, such as melanoma risk and management in pregnancy, pediatric melanoma quandaries, and indications for sentinel node biopsy in pediatric atypical melanocytes neoplasms. A background in basic immunology and genetics will give readers an advantage in understanding the discussions and diagnostic algorithms.” (Patricia Wong, Doody's Book Reviews, March, 2019)​