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Thermal Protection Modeling of Hypersonic Flying Apparatus


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About this book


This book is devoted to studies of unsteady heat and mass exchange processes taking into account thermochemical destruction of thermal protective materials, research of transpiration cooling systems, thermal protection of composite materials exposed to low-energy disturbances, as well as the numerical solution of heat and mass transfer of the exchange. It proposes several mathematical models of passive and active thermal protection systems with regard to factors such as surface ablation, surface roughness, phase transition of a liquid in porous materials, rotation of the body around its longitudinal axis, and exposure to low-energy disturbances. The author studies the possibilities to control thermochemical destruction and heat mass exchange processes in transpiration cooling systems exposed to low-energy disturbances. The numerical analysis of the heat and mass exchange process in carbon plastics under repeated impulse action is also presented. The numerical solutions of problems are compared with the known experimental data. The book is intended for specialists in the field of thermal protection and heat mass exchange, as well as graduate and undergraduates in physics and mathematics.

  • Explores development of new methods of thermal protection for Hypersonic Flying Apparatus;
  • Introduces the complete studies of the problem of protection of HFA;
  • Educates the reader on critical methods of thermal protection of HFA and illustrates how to solve related problems.


Hypersonic Flying Apparatus Passive Thermal Protection Active Thermal Protection Combined Thermal Protection Mathematical Modeling of Thermal Protection

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  1. 1.Tomsk State UniversityTomskRussia

About the authors

Professor Anatoly Stepanovich Yakimov is a Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Senior Research Officer, Professor at the Department of Physical and Computational Mechanics, National Research Tomsk State University. He graduated in 1970 from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Kuibyshev Tomsk State University. In 1981, he defended his thesis for the degree of Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences at the Research Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Tomsk State University (specialization 01.02.05 is Fluid, gas and plasma mechanics). In 1999, he defended his thesis for the degree of Doctor of Engineering Sciences (specialization 05.13.16 is Application of computers, mathematical modeling and mathematical methods in research, and specialization 01.02.05) at Tomsk State University. He is the co-author of a textbook, the author of one monograph and 84 publications (not including theses) devoted to mathematical modeling of some thermal protection issues, as well as to environment protection and mathematical solutions of equations in mathematical physics.

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