Coviability of Social and Ecological Systems: Reconnecting Mankind to the Biosphere in an Era of Global Change

Vol. 2: Coviability Questioned by a Diversity of Situations

  • Olivier Barrière
  • Mohamed Behnassi
  • Gilbert David
  • Vincent Douzal
  • Mireille Fargette
  • Thérèse Libourel
  • Maud Loireau
  • Laurence Pascal
  • Catherine Prost
  • Voyner Ravena-Cañete
  • Frédérique Seyler
  • Serge Morand

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xliii
  2. Part IV

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 11-18
    2. Mireille Fargette, Maud Loireau, Mongi Sghaier, Najet Raouani, Thérèse Libourel
      Pages 19-59
    3. Pierre Dérioz, Philippe Bachimon, Maud Loireau, Pranil Kumar Upadhayaya, Laurent Arcuset
      Pages 103-124
    4. Laurent Linguet, Idriss Sadli, Antoine Primerose, Ollivier Tamarin, Ahmed Abbas, Abdennebi Omrane
      Pages 125-141
    5. Rodolphe Sabatier, Lauriane Mouysset, Muriel Tichit
      Pages 143-154
    6. Gilbert David, Pascale Chabanet, Erwann Lagabrielle, Jean Pascal Quod
      Pages 203-219
    7. Catherine Goyet, Mohamed Anis Benallal, Amandine Bijoux, Véronique Guglielmi, Hadjer Moussa, Anne-Cécile Ribou et al.
      Pages 221-237
    8. Maria Cristina Maneschy, Valente José Matlaba, Jorge Filipe Dos Santos, Ana Cláudia Duarte Cardoso
      Pages 239-256
    9. Danielle Mitja, Nikolay Sirakov, Alessio Moreira dos Santos, Sol González-Pérez, Deiane Jorge Macedo, Eric Delaître et al.
      Pages 257-284
    10. Laurent Durieux, Frédérique Seyler, Anne-Elisabeth Laques, Danielle Mitja, Eric Delaître, Izildinha de Souza Miranda
      Pages 285-304

About this book


This second volume is the work of more than 55 authors from 15 different disciplines and includes complex systems science which studies the viability of components, and also the study of empirical situations. As readers will discover, the coviability of social and ecological systems is based on the contradiction between humanity, which adopts finalized objectives, and the biosphere, which refers to a ecological functions. We see how concrete situations shed light on the coviability’s determinants, and in this book the very nature of the coviability, presented as a concept-paradigm, is defined in a transversal and ontological ways.

By adopting a systemic approach, without advocating any economic dogma (such as development) or dichotomizing between humans and nature, while emphasizing what is relevant to humans and what is not, this work neutrally contextualizes man’s place in the biosphere. It offers a new mode of thinking and positioning of the ecological imperative, and will appeal to all those working with social and ecological systems.


Sustainable development Coviability between nature and society Environmental change and natural resources Territorial management and biodiversity Biosphere, social and ecological systems

Editors and affiliations

  • Olivier Barrière
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  • Mohamed Behnassi
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  • Gilbert David
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  • Vincent Douzal
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  • Mireille Fargette
    • 5
  • Thérèse Libourel
    • 6
  • Maud Loireau
    • 7
  • Laurence Pascal
    • 8
  • Catherine Prost
    • 9
  • Voyner Ravena-Cañete
    • 10
  • Frédérique Seyler
    • 11
  • Serge Morand
    • 12
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