The Party Politics of Decentralization

The Territorial Dimension in Italian Party Agendas

  • Linda┬áBasile

Part of the Comparative Territorial Politics book series (COMPTPOL)

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This book addresses the process of decentralization in Italy, examined from the perspective of political parties. In particular, it assesses whether and to what extent the dynamics of party competition are likely to shape policy agenda and affect policy change. The author starts by providing a thorough account of the process and history of Italian decentralization and the policy outcomes achieved over time, before discussing how party attention to an issue triggers related policy changes (manipulation of salience). Next, the focus shifts to the concrete positions adopted by parties on decentralization to assess whether the pattern of party competition has been consensual or adversarial, and how this pattern influenced the process of reform (manipulation of position). Finally, the author examines the role of frames in party competition. This volume offers essential research that will prove useful to a variety of audiences, ranging from scholars of territorial and Italian politics to those interested in agenda-setting, policy change, and party politics.


decentralization in Italy party politics of decentralization Italian party agendas territorial politics in Italy Italian party competition Italian public policy Italian party politics government power in Italy decentralist reform Italian policy-making local politics in Italy Italian territories territorial power in Italy

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