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World of Computing

A Primer Companion for the Digital Age


Table of contents

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About this book


This engaging work provides a concise introduction to the exciting world of computing, encompassing the theory, technology, history, and societal impact of computer software and computing devices. Spanning topics from global conflict to home gaming, international business, and human communication, this text reviews the key concepts unpinning the technology which has shaped the modern world.

Topics and features:

  • Introduces the foundations of computing, the fundamentals of algorithms, and the essential concepts from mathematics and logic used in computer science
  • Presents a concise history of computing, discussing the historical figures who made important contributions, and the machines which formed major milestones
  • Examines the fields of human−computer interaction, and software engineering
  • Provides accessible introductions to the core aspects of programming languages, operating systems, and databases
  • Describes the Internet revolution, the invention of the smartphone, and the rise of social media, as well as the Internet of Things and cryptocurrencies
  • Explores legal and ethical aspects of computing, including issues of hacking and cybercrime, and the nature of online privacy, free speech and censorship
  • Discusses such innovations as distributed systems, service-oriented architecture, software as a service, cloud computing, and embedded systems
  • Includes key learning topics and review questions in every chapter, and a helpful glossary

Offering an enjoyable overview of the fascinating and broad-ranging field of computing, this easy-to-understand primer introduces the general reader to the ideas on which the digital world was built, and the historical developments that helped to form the modern age.

Dr. Gerard O'Regan is a CMMI software process improvement consultant with research interests including software quality and software process improvement, mathematical approaches to software quality, and the history of computing.


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About the authors

Dr. Gerard O'Regan is a CMMI software process improvement consultant with research interests including software quality and software process improvement, mathematical approaches to software quality, and the history of computing. He is the author of such Springer titles as Concise Guide to Formal Methods, Concise Guide to Software EngineeringGuide to Discrete MathematicsIntroduction to the History of ComputingPillars of ComputingIntroduction to Software QualityGiants of Computing, and Mathematics in Computing.

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