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Multidisciplinary Approaches to Environmental Safety of Medicines

  • Leobardo Manuel Gómez-Oliván
  • A comprehensive review

  • Written by professionals in diverse disciplines

  • Appeals to environmental managers, scientists and policymakers


Part of the The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry book series (HEC, volume 66)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Armando Elizalde-Velázquez, Leobardo Manuel Gómez-Oliván, Hariz Islas-Flores
    Pages 1-11
  3. Hariz Islas-Flores, Leobardo Manuel Gómez-Oliván, Nely SanJuan-Reyes, Armando Elizalde-Velázquez, Octavio Dublán-García, Marcela Galar-Martínez et al.
    Pages 13-20
  4. Erika Palacios-Rosas, Lucila I. Castro-Pastrana
    Pages 21-41
  5. Nely SanJuan-Reyes, Leobardo Manuel Gómez-Oliván, Hariz Islas-Flores, Marcela Galar-Martínez, Sandra García-Medina, Octavio Dublán-García et al.
    Pages 43-56
  6. Keila Isaac-Olivé, Amado Enrique Navarro-Frómeta
    Pages 57-74
  7. Armando Elizalde-Velázquez, Leobardo Manuel Gómez-Oliván, Hariz Islas-Flores, Nely SanJuan-Reyes, Marcela Galar-Martínez, Sandra García-Medina et al.
    Pages 75-93
  8. Hariz Islas-Flores, Leobardo Manuel Gómez-Oliván
    Pages 95-117
  9. Santana-Martínez Germán, Roa-Morales Gabriela, Solís-Casados Dora, Romero Rubí, Natividad Reyna
    Pages 119-142
  10. D. A. Solis-Casados, L. Escobar-Alarcón, R. Natividad, R. Romero
    Pages 143-155
  11. Rosa María Gómez-Espinosa, Daniel Arizmendi-Cotero
    Pages 157-174
  12. Ninfa Ramírez-Durán, Pablo Antonio Moreno-Pérez, Angel Horacio Sandoval-Trujillo
    Pages 175-187
  13. María Teresa Flores-Dorantes, Patricia Mendoza-Lorenzo, Pascual Pedraza-Montero
    Pages 189-199
  14. Monica Cerro-Lopez, Miguel Angel Méndez-Rojas
    Pages 201-219
  15. Martínez Carrasco Néstor, Cuautle Mariana
    Pages 235-253
  16. Nely SanJuan-Reyes, Leobardo Manuel Gómez-Oliván, Hariz Islas-Flores, Lucila Isabel Castro-Pastrana
    Pages 255-264
  17. Back Matter
    Pages 265-271

About this book


The indiscriminate use of medications and their inadequate disposal have resulted in them being released into the environment via municipal, hospital and industrial discharges.

This volume critically examines the presence of pharmaceuticals in aquatic ecosystems, the hazards they entail, and how to minimize their impact on the environment. The topics covered include: historical findings that have made the development of the discipline ecopharmacovigilance possible; the main exposure routes, fate and life cycle of pharmaceuticals in water; occurrence data and the impact on biodiversity; methods used for the detection, analysis and quantification of pharmaceuticals in water and for their removal; current legislation on the presence of emerging contaminants in water; biosensors for environmental analysis and monitoring; and the measures needed to reduce the existing problems.

This book is aimed at students, academics and research workers in the fields of toxicology, ecology, microbiology and chemistry, as well as those in the pharmaceutical industry, health sector professionals, and members of government bodies involved in environmental protection and legislation.


Eco-pharmacovigilance Pharmaceuticals Ecotoxicological studies Ecotoxicology Advanced oxidation processes Emerging contaminants Waste water

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