Many-body Approaches at Different Scales

A Tribute to Norman H. March on the Occasion of his 90th Birthday

  • G.G.N Angilella
  • C. Amovilli

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Condensed Matter Theory

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. F. M. D. Pellegrino, I. Torre, M. Polini
      Pages 11-19
    3. A. Cabo Montes de Oca
      Pages 75-98
    4. F. Flores, E. C. Goldberg
      Pages 107-123
    5. F. Aliotta, R. C. Ponterio, F. Saija, P. V. Giaquinta
      Pages 139-152
    6. P. Gallo, M. Martin Conde, D. Corradini, P. Pugliese, M. Rovere
      Pages 153-162
    7. M. Bercx, R. Saniz, B. Partoens, D. Lamoen
      Pages 177-184
  3. Theoretical Chemistry

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 185-185
    2. C. Amovilli, F. M. Floris
      Pages 187-198
    3. D. Chakraborty, R. Cuevas-Saavedra, P. W. Ayers
      Pages 199-208
    4. R. Cuevas-Saavedra, D. Chakraborty, M. Chan, P. W. Ayers
      Pages 209-218
    5. G. Forte, A. Grassi, G. M. Lombardo, R. Pucci, G. G. N. Angilella
      Pages 219-226
    6. Robert Balawender, Andrzej Holas, Frank De Proft, Christian Van Alsenoy, Paul Geerlings
      Pages 227-251
  4. Theoretical Physics

  5. Back Matter
    Pages 381-385

About this book


This book presents a collection of invited research and review contributions on recent advances in (mainly) theoretical condensed matter physics, theoretical chemistry, and theoretical physics. The volume celebrates the 90th birthday of N.H. March (Emeritus Professor, Oxford University, UK), a prominent figure in all of these fields. Given the broad range of interests in the research activity of Professor March, who collaborated with a number of eminent scientists in physics and chemistry, the volume embraces quite diverse topics in physics and chemistry, at various dimensions and energy scales. One thread connecting all these topics is correlation in aggregated states of matter, ranging from nuclear physics to molecules, clusters, disordered condensed phases such as the liquid state, and solid state physics, and the various phase transitions, both structural and electronic, occurring therein. A final chapter leaps to an even larger scale of matter aggregation, namely the universe and gravitation. A further no less important common thread is methodological, with the application of theoretical physics and chemistry, particularly density functional theory and statistical field theory, to both nuclear and condensed matter.


Norman Henry March Liquid state physics Wavefunctions for large electron numbers Theory of Mott localization in silicene Condensed matter theory Computer simulations of the structure of nanoporous carbons Orbital free density functional theory Solid state properties Statistical field theory Energy density functional theory Nonlocal quantum kinetic theory Quantum many-body system Shockley-Queisser limit revisited

Editors and affiliations

  • G.G.N Angilella
    • 1
  • C. Amovilli
    • 2
  1. 1.Dipartimento di Fisica e AstronomiaUniversità di CataniaCataniaItaly
  2. 2.Dipartimento di Chimica e Chimica IndustrialeUniversità di PisaPisaItaly

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