Energy Technology 2018

Carbon Dioxide Management and Other Technologies

  • Ziqi Sun
  • Cong Wang
  • Donna Post Guillen
  • Neale R Neelameggham
  • Lei Zhang
  • John A. Howarter
  • Tao Wang
  • Elsa Olivetti
  • Mingming Zhang
  • Dirk Verhulst
  • Xiaofei Guan
  • Allie Anderson
  • Shadia Ikhmayies
  • York R. Smith
  • Amit Pandey
  • Sarma Pisupati
  • Huimin Lu
Conference proceedings TMS 2018

Part of the The Minerals, Metals & Materials Series book series (MMMS)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxvi
  2. Energy Technologies and CO2 Management Symposium

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Shipeng Huang, Zhong Zheng, Xiaoqiang Gao, Shenglong Jiang, Zhaojun Xu
      Pages 27-38
    3. Mengqi Wei, Qingbo Yu, Qiang Guo, Zongliang Zuo, Qin Qin
      Pages 39-49
    4. Zongliang Zuo, Qingbo Yu, Huaqing Xie, Qin Qin, Mengqi Wei
      Pages 65-75
    5. Qingyun Zhang, Shengfu Zhang, Rongjin Zhu, Shuxing Qiu, Yue Wu
      Pages 99-109
    6. Wenjun Duan, Qingbo Yu, Zhimei Wang, Tianwei Wu
      Pages 111-119
    7. Arun Prabhakar, Joanna Mielnicka, Mark Jolly, Konstantinos Salonitis
      Pages 121-132
    8. Patrick E. Krane, Matthew John M. Krane
      Pages 153-164
    9. Miao Yu, Maria S. Gudjonsdottir, Pall Valdimarsson, Gudrun Saevarsdottir
      Pages 165-178
    10. Zhibo Tong, Guojun Ma, Xiang Zhang, Junjie Liu, Langsha Shao
      Pages 179-190
    11. Wen Pan, Xia Zhao, Si-bin Zhang, Jun-hua Zhao, Huai-ying Ma, Zhi-xing Zhao
      Pages 205-214
  3. Deriving Value from Challenging Waste Streams: Recycling and Sustainability Joint Session

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 215-215
    2. Keiran Holland, Dmitry Sukhomlinov, Ville Naakka, Ari Jokilaakso, Pekka Taskinen
      Pages 217-224
    3. Joseph Hamuyuni, Petteri Halli, Fiseha Tesfaye, Maria Leikola, Mari Lundström
      Pages 233-240
    4. Daniel Lindberg, Emil Vainio, Patrik Yrjas
      Pages 241-252
    5. Pengxu Cao, Jun Luo, Guanghui Li, Yijia Dong, Mingjun Rao, Zhiwei Peng
      Pages 265-274
    6. Esra Karakaya, Mustafa Serdal Aras, Metehan Erdoğan, Sedef Çift Karagül, Merve Kolay Ersoy, İshak Karakaya
      Pages 275-281
    7. D. O. Okanigbe, A. P. I. Popoola, A. A. Adeleke, O. M. Popoola
      Pages 283-295
    8. Timothy W. Ellis, John A. Howes, Roger D. Feldman
      Pages 309-317
    9. Dachun Liu, Guozheng Zha, Liang Hu, Wenlong Jiang
      Pages 319-330
    10. Manman Lu, Yuanbo Zhang, Zijian Su, Bingbing Liu, Guanghui Li, Tao Jiang
      Pages 331-340
    11. Yue Yu, Jianli LI, Di Wang, Hangyu Zhu
      Pages 357-365
    12. Amzy Tania Vallenas-Arévalo, Carlos Gonzalo Alvarez Rosario, Denise Crocce Romano Espinosa, Jorge Alberto Soares Tenório
      Pages 367-373
    13. Isadora Dias Perez, Mónica M. Jiménez Correa, Jorge A. Soares Tenório, Denise C. Romano Espinosa
      Pages 385-393
    14. Kristine Bruce Wanderley, Denise Crocce Romano Espinosa, Jorge Alberto Soares Tenório
      Pages 405-413
    15. Kuiyuan Chen, Yu Li, Long Meng, Yaodong Yi, Zhancheng Guo
      Pages 415-428
    16. A. B. Botelho Junior, I. A. Anes, M. A. Carvalho, D. C. R. Espinosa, J. A. S. Tenório
      Pages 429-434
    17. Paula Aliprandini, Mónica M. Jiménez Correa, Jorge A. Soares Tenório, Denise Crocce Romano Espinosa
      Pages 435-442
  4. Solar Cell Silicon

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 451-451
    2. York R. Smith, Pamela Bogust
      Pages 463-470
    3. Pedro F. A. Prado, Jorge A. S. Tenório, Denise C. R. Espinosa
      Pages 495-500

About these proceedings


This collection focuses on energy efficient technologies including innovative ore beneficiation, smelting technologies, recycling and waste heat recovery. The volume also covers various technological aspects of sustainable energy ecosystems, processes that improve energy efficiency, reduce thermal emissions, and reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse emissions. Papers addressing renewable energy resources for metals and materials production, waste heat recovery and other industrial energy efficient technologies, new concepts or devices for energy generation and conversion, energy efficiency improvement in process engineering, sustainability and life cycle assessment of energy systems, as well as the thermodynamics and modeling for sustainable metallurgical processes are included. This volume also includes topics on CO2 sequestration and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from process engineering, sustainable technologies in extractive metallurgy, as well as the materials processing and manufacturing industries with reduced energy consumption and CO2 emission. Contributions from all areas of non-nuclear and non-traditional energy sources, such as solar, wind, and biomass are also included in this volume.
Papers from the following symposia are presented in the book:
Energy Technologies and CO2 Management
Advanced Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage 
Deriving Value from Challenging Waste Streams: Recycling and Sustainability Joint Session
Solar Cell Silicon
Stored Renewable Energy in Coal


Materials Science Energy Materials Recycling and Sustainability Waste Heat Recovery Energy Technology Energy Generation and Conversion

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  • Mingming Zhang
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  • Dirk Verhulst
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  • Xiaofei Guan
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  • Shadia Ikhmayies
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  • York R. Smith
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  • Amit Pandey
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  • Huimin Lu
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