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Rhetoric and the Global Turn in Higher Education


  • Provides pedagogical strategies for teaching globally engaged rhetoric and fostering an understanding of global citizenship

  • Draws on literature from global higher education programs and initiatives

  • Uses practical examples from classes and several cross-cultural writing and rhetoric projects


Part of the Rhetoric, Politics and Society book series (RPS)

About this book


This book studies the role of rhetoric in the expansive movement for global higher education in U.S. colleges and universities. Drawing on an analysis of how discourses of security, economy, and ethics shape the rhetoric of global higher education, as well as that of its populist and nationalist critics, the author argues for an understanding of global higher education as a site of rhetorical conflict over visions of students as citizens. In doing so, the work advances the project of transnational rhetorical education, a theoretical and pedagogical project that can foster forms of rhetorical inquiry, performance, and ethics that equip students to pursue transnational forms of civic engagement, belonging, and resistance. This book will be of interest to scholars and students in the fields of rhetoric and composition studies, communication, and education, as well as to faculty and administrators working in global higher education or internationalization programs.


rhetoric in higher education global turn in higher education global higher education US higher education American college system discourse in higher education US rhetoric of security US economic rhetoric US rhetoric of ethics US students as citizens transnational rhetorical education student civic engagement communication studies rhetorical studies rhetoric in the global curriculum Global education programs

Authors and affiliations

  1. 1.University of Alabama at BirminghamBirmingham, ALUSA

About the authors

Christopher Minnix is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA, where he also serves as Director of Freshman Composition. He has published work in The Journal of Basic Writing, Literacy in Composition Studies, and Composition Forum.

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“Rhetoric and the Global Turn in Higher Education is a comprehensive monograph built upon an appreciation of a strong bond between rhetorical education and power relations. … a most valuable contribution to the ongoing debate about rhetorical instruction in the context of the global turn in (higher) education.” (Šolsko polje, Vol. 30 (5-6), 2019)