Meaning and Proscription in Formal Logic

Variations on the Propositional Logic of William T. Parry

  • Thomas Macaulay Ferguson

Part of the Trends in Logic book series (TREN, volume 49)

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About this book


This book aids in the rehabilitation of the wrongfully deprecated work of William Parry, and is the only full-length investigation into Parry-type propositional logics.

A central tenet of the monograph is that the sheer diversity of the contexts in which the mereological analogy emerges – its effervescence with respect to fields ranging from metaphysics to computer programming – provides compelling evidence that the study of logics of analytic implication can be instrumental in identifying connections between topics that would otherwise remain hidden. More concretely, the book identifies and discusses a host of cases in which analytic implication can play an important role in revealing distinct problems to be facets of a larger, cross-disciplinary problem.

It introduces an element of constancy and cohesion that has previously been absent in a regrettably fractured field, shoring up those who are sympathetic to the worth of mereological analogy. Moreover, it generates new interest in the field by illustrating a wide range of interesting features present in such logics – and highlighting these features to appeal to researchers in many fields.


William T. Parry on Analytic Implication Containment Logic Conceptivist Theories of Entailment Relevant Entailment Rivals to Relevant Logics Meaningfulness and Logic Alternative Interpretations of Disjunction Kit Fine’s truthmaker semantics Failure of disjunctive addition Infectiousness of nonsense Positivism, inference, and category mistakes Computational interpretations of logic Richard Angell on analytic containment Constructive nonsense logics Faulty Belnap computers cognate implication William Parry mathematics William Parry computer science William Parry philosophy William Parry mereology

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