Recent Advances in Environmental Science from the Euro-Mediterranean and Surrounding Regions

Proceedings of Euro-Mediterranean Conference for Environmental Integration (EMCEI-1), Tunisia 2017

  • Amjad Kallel
  • Mohamed Ksibi
  • Hamed Ben Dhia
  • Nabil Khélifi
Conference proceedings EMCEI 2017

Part of the Advances in Science, Technology & Innovation book series (ASTI)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-lxi
  2. Keynote Lectures and Workshops

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Vincenzo Naddeo, Laura Borea, Vincenzo Belgiorno
      Pages 15-17
    3. Baghdad Ouddane, Mariam Hamzeh, Mirna Daye
      Pages 19-21
    4. Eric D. van Hullebusch
      Pages 23-24
    5. Gilles Colinet, Amandine Liénard, Dinneke Schram, Piet Otte, Louisa Boukharaeva, Marcel Marloie
      Pages 25-26
    6. Maria Snoussi, Otmane Khalfaoui, Latifa Flayou, Siham Kasmi, Otmane Raji
      Pages 29-30
    7. Gil Mahe, Oula Amrouni, Thouraya Ben Moussa, Laurent Dezileau, Rajae El Aoula, Hamadi Habaieb et al.
      Pages 31-32
    8. Jean-Paul Barusseau
      Pages 33-34
    9. Abriak Nor-Edine, Ahmed Addou, Hentati Olfa, J. Cisneros-Aguirre, Khaldi Abdelkrim, Kherbeche Abdelhak et al.
      Pages 49-50
  3. Innovative Approaches and Methods for Environmental Sustainability

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 55-55
    2. Sudip Chakraborty, Jaya Sikder, Debolina Mukherjee, Stefano Curcio, Vincenza Calabro
      Pages 57-59
    3. Marwa Ben Saad, Lorena Aguilar, Angel Gallegos, Beatriz Missagia, Raquel Rubio, Myriam Ben Said et al.
      Pages 61-63
    4. Viviani C. Onishi, Juan A. Reyes-Labarta, José A. Caballero
      Pages 65-67
    5. Roohul Abad Khan, Amadur Rahman Khan, Abdullah M. Al Fatais, Abdulsalam Ahmed Ayed Alqarni
      Pages 71-73
    6. Anna Malagò, Faycal Bouraoui
      Pages 77-80
    7. Maria Gabriela De Paola, Marilena De Simone, Natale Arcuri, Vincenza Calabrò
      Pages 81-83
    8. Haithem Bahri, Mohamed Annabi, Abir Saoueb, Hatem Cheikh M’Hamed, Amir Souissi, Roukaya Chibani et al.
      Pages 85-87
    9. Attia El Gayar, Younes Hamed
      Pages 89-91
    10. Hicham Gourgue, Ahmed Ihlal, Ahmed Aharoune
      Pages 95-98
    11. Luís A. B. Novo, Paula M. L. Castro, Paula Alvarenga, Eduardo Ferreira da Silva
      Pages 99-101
    12. Kersenna Soumaya, Chaouche Salah
      Pages 103-104
    13. Mohamed Ali Saihi, Rami Hkiri, Mohamed Damak, Zaineb Braiek, Mourad Ayadi, Emna Ammar et al.
      Pages 105-106
    14. Etienne Hessou, Hicham Jabraoui, Mouheb Chebbi, Siwar Chibani, Laurent Cantrel, Michael Badawi
      Pages 107-109
    15. Giacomo Viccione, Stefania Evangelista
      Pages 111-112
    16. Namory Meite, Léon Koffi Konan, Drissa Bamba, Bi Irié Hervé Goure-Doubi, Samuel Oyetola
      Pages 123-124
    17. Elaziouti Abdelkader, Laouedj Nadjia, Benhadria Naceur, Bouhadjar Boukoussa, Adnane Mohamed
      Pages 129-132
    18. Nadia Zaraî Jaouadi, Hatem Rekik, Abdelmalek Badis, Sahar Trabelsi, Mouna Belhoul, Chiraz Gorgi Hila et al.
      Pages 133-135
    19. Nadia Zaraî Jaouadi, Hatem Rekik, Mouna Belhoul, Chiraz Gorgi Hila, Ahlem Irmani, Haifa Khemir et al.
      Pages 137-139
    20. Laouedj Nadjia, Elaziouti Abdelkader, Benhadria Naceur, Bouhadjar Boukoussa, Bekka Ahmed
      Pages 141-144

About these proceedings


This volume includes the papers presented during the 1st Euro-Mediterranean Conference for Environmental Integration (EMCEI) which was held in Sousse, Tunisia in November 2017. This conference was jointly organized by the editorial office of the Euro-Mediterranean Journal for Environmental Integration in Sfax, Tunisia and Springer (MENA Publishing Program) in Germany. It aimed to give a more concrete expression to the Euro-Mediterranean integration process by supplementing existing North-South programs and agreements with a new multilateral scientific forum that emphasizes in particular the vulnerability and proactive remediation of the Euro-Mediterranean region from an environmental point of view. This volume gives a general and brief overview on current research focusing on emerging environmental issues and challenges and its applications to a variety of problems in the Euro-Mediterranean zone and surrounding regions. It contains over five hundred and eighty carefully refereed short contributions to the conference. Topics covered include (1) innovative approaches and methods for environmental sustainability, (2) environmental risk assessment, bioremediation, ecotoxicology, and environmental safety, (3) water resources assessment, planning, protection, and management, (4) environmental engineering and management, (5) natural resources: characterization, assessment, management, and valorization, (6) intelligent techniques in renewable energy (biomass, wind, waste, solar), (7) sustainable management of marine environment and coastal areas, (8) remote sensing and GIS for geo-environmental investigations, (9) environmental impacts of geo/natural hazards (earthquakes, landslides, volcanic, and marine hazards), and (10) the environmental health science (natural and social impacts on Human health). Presenting a wide range of topics and new results, this edited volume will appeal to anyone working in the subject area, including researchers and students interested to learn more about new advances in environmental research initiatives in view of the ever growing environmental degradation in the Euro-Mediterranean region, which has turned environmental and resource protection into an increasingly important issue hampering sustainable development and social welfare.


Sustainable Environment Euro-Mediterranean region Environmental Integration Environmental Management Environmental processes

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  • Hamed Ben Dhia
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  • Nabil Khélifi
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