Stem Cell Microenvironments and Beyond

  • Alexander Birbrair

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 1041)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Alexander Birbrair
    Pages 1-3
  3. Yoko Tabe, Marina Konopleva
    Pages 19-32
  4. Sara Nik, Joshua T. Weinreb, Teresa V. Bowman
    Pages 33-53
  5. Nicolás Marichal, Cecilia Reali, Omar Trujillo-Cenóz, Raúl E. Russo
    Pages 55-79
  6. Evangelia Andreopoulou, Asterios Arampatzis, Melina Patsoni, Ilias Kazanis
    Pages 81-118
  7. Anirudh Sattiraju, Kiran Kumar Solingapuram Sai, Akiva Mintz
    Pages 119-140
  8. Ivana Dinulovic, Regula Furrer, Christoph Handschin
    Pages 141-169
  9. Maria P. Alcolea
    Pages 187-206 Open Access
  10. Prajna Paramita Naik, Prashanta Kumar Panda, Sujit K. Bhutia
    Pages 207-233
  11. Phelipe Oliveira Favaron, Maria Angelica Miglino
    Pages 235-244
  12. Damia Mawad, Gemma Figtree, Carmine Gentile
    Pages 245-262
  13. Back Matter
    Pages 263-270

About this book


This book discusses the main stem cell niches under distinct pathophysiological conditions. The role of tissue microenvironments in stem cell regulation, as well as modern methodologies and new techniques for the identification and characterization of stem cell niches, are discussed by leading experts in the field. Chapters describe the major components of various stem cell microenvironments, such as cellular components, soluble factors, cell-cell interactions, extra-cellular matrix proteins, and physical forces. Stem Cell Microenvironments and Beyond is part of the highly successful Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology series. It is essential reading for graduate students and researchers in the field of stem cells or cell biology as well as clinicians.


dental pulp cells hematopoietic stem cells hair follicle stem cells tumor stem cells cell-cell interaction

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  1. 1.Department of PathologyFederal University of Minas GeraisBelo HorizonteBrazil

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