Analytic Number Theory, Modular Forms and q-Hypergeometric Series

In Honor of Krishna Alladi's 60th Birthday, University of Florida, Gainesville, March 2016

  • George E. Andrews
  • Frank Garvan
Conference proceedings ALLADI60 2016

Part of the Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics book series (PROMS, volume 221)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-l
  2. Sukumar Das Adhikari
    Pages 1-9
  3. Koustav Banerjee, Atul Dixit
    Pages 39-57
  4. Jonathan M. Borwein
    Pages 123-138
  5. William Y. C. Chen, Kathy Q. Ji, Wenston J. T. Zang
    Pages 157-177
  6. Shaun Cooper, James G. Wan, Wadim Zudilin
    Pages 179-205
  7. Jean-Marc Deshouillers, Georges Grekos
    Pages 207-212
  8. Michael D. Hirschhorn
    Pages 311-328
  9. Abhash Kumar Jha, Arvind Kumar
    Pages 329-341
  10. Shashank Kanade, Kağan Kurşungöz, Matthew Russell
    Pages 343-370
  11. Susie Kimport
    Pages 371-392
  12. Louis W. Kolitsch
    Pages 393-400
  13. Sergey I. Kryuchkov, Nathan A. Lanfear, Sergei K. Suslov
    Pages 409-443
  14. Hugh L. Montgomery
    Pages 533-553
  15. Ken Ono, Robert Schneider, Ian Wagner
    Pages 611-624
  16. Peter Paule, Cristian-Silviu Radu
    Pages 625-639
  17. N. Saradha, Divyum Sharma
    Pages 665-675
  18. Michael J. Schlosser, Meesue Yoo
    Pages 677-692
  19. Seunghyun Seo, Ae Ja Yee
    Pages 693-711
  20. Gérald Tenenbaum
    Pages 733-736

About these proceedings


Gathered from the 2016 Gainesville Number Theory Conference honoring Krishna Alladi on his 60th birthday, these proceedings present recent research in number theory. Extensive and detailed, this volume features 40 articles by leading researchers on topics in analytic number theory, probabilistic number theory, irrationality and transcendence, Diophantine analysis, partitions, basic hypergeometric series, and modular forms. Readers will also find detailed discussions of several aspects of the path-breaking work of Srinivasa Ramanujan and its influence on current research. Many of the papers were motivated by Alladi's own research on partitions and q-series as well as his earlier work in number theory. 

Alladi is well known for his contributions in number theory and mathematics. His research interests include combinatorics, discrete mathematics, sieve methods, probabilistic and analytic number theory, Diophantine approximations, partitions and q-series identities. Graduate students and researchers will find this volume a valuable resource on new developments in various aspects of number theory.


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