Ecological Networks in the Tropics

An Integrative Overview of Species Interactions from Some of the Most Species-Rich Habitats on Earth

  • Wesley Dáttilo
  • Victor Rico-Gray

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Thomas C. Ings, Joseph E. Hawes
    Pages 15-28
  3. D. Matthias Dehling
    Pages 29-42
  4. Rafael Luís Galdini Raimundo, Flavia Maria Darcie Marquitti, Cecilia Siliansky de Andreazzi, Mathias Mistretta Pires, Paulo Roberto Guimarães Jr
    Pages 43-58
  5. Kleber Del-Claro, Denise Lange, Helena Maura Torezan-Silingardi, Diego Vinicius Anjos, Eduardo Soares Calixto, Wesley Dáttilo et al.
    Pages 59-71
  6. Jeferson Vizentin-Bugoni, Pietro Kiyoshi Maruyama, Camila Silveira de Souza, Jeff Ollerton, André Rodrigo Rech, Marlies Sazima
    Pages 73-91
  7. Gema Escribano-Avila, Carlos Lara-Romero, Ruben Heleno, Anna Traveset
    Pages 93-110
  8. Antonio López-Carretero, Ek del-Val, Karina Boege
    Pages 111-126
  9. Sybelle Bellay, Fabrício Hiroiuki Oda, Karla Magalhães Campião, Fábio Hideki Yamada, Ricardo Massato Takemoto, Edson Fontes de Oliveira
    Pages 127-140
  10. Mauricio Cantor, Guilherme O. Longo, Luisa Fontoura, Juan P. Quimbayo, Sergio R. Floeter, Mariana G. Bender
    Pages 141-154
  11. Eduardo Freitas Moreira, Patrícia Alves Ferreira, Luciano Elsinor Lopes, Raimunda Gomes Silva Soares, Danilo Boscolo
    Pages 155-169
  12. Luciano Cagnolo
    Pages 171-183
  13. Reuber Antoniazzi Jr, Wesley Dáttilo, Victor Rico-Gray
    Pages 185-196
  14. Back Matter
    Pages 197-201

About this book


Based on graph theory studies this book seeks to understand how tropical species interact with each other and how these interactions are affected by perturbations in some of the most species-rich habitats on earth. Due to the great diversity of species and interactions in the tropics, this book addresses a wide range of current and future issues with empirical examples and complete revisions on different types of ecological networks: from mutualisms to antagonisms. The goal of this publication is not to be only for researchers but also for undergraduates in different areas of knowledge, and also to serve as a reference text for graduate-level courses mainly in the life sciences.


plant-animal interaction web of life architecture of biodiversity ecological mechanism coevolutionary mechanism coevolution

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  1. 1.Red de EcoetologiaInstituto de Ecologia ACXalapaMexico
  2. 2.Universidad VeracruzanaXalapaMexico

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