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Physical Test Methods for Elastomers


Table of contents

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    Pages i-xiv
  2. Before You Test

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    2. Roger Brown
      Pages 3-7
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    5. Roger Brown
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  3. Processing and Preparation for Test

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      Pages 53-53
    2. Roger Brown
      Pages 55-83
    3. Roger Brown
      Pages 85-92
    4. Roger Brown
      Pages 93-105
  4. Short Term Mechanical Properties

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      Pages 107-107
    2. Roger Brown
      Pages 109-118
    3. Roger Brown
      Pages 119-135
    4. Roger Brown
      Pages 137-154
    5. Roger Brown
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    6. Roger Brown
      Pages 161-165
    7. Roger Brown
      Pages 167-176
  5. Time Dependent Properties

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      Pages 177-177
    2. Roger Brown
      Pages 179-203
    3. Roger Brown
      Pages 205-221

About this book


This book provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of physical testing of elastomers (rubbers and thermoplastic elastomers) including mechanical, electrical, thermal and all aspects of durability. Elastomers are an important class of materials used in such products as tyres, seals and hose which have markedly different properties to other materials. The importance of testing of elastomers means that a comprehensive text on the subject is essential. The advantage over general materials testing books is being more specific while the advantage over general rubber technology books is that testing is dealt with in depth.

  • Provides an essential, comprehensive reference on the testing of elastomers;
  • Treats testing methods and considerations more in-depth than most general rubber technology;
  • Critical for the rubber industry, the industries using rubber products, and polymer research.


Polymer testing testing rubber testing elastomers rubber test methods physical testing of rubbers durability testing electrical testing mechanical testing thermal testing non-standard procedures

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About the authors

Roger Brown is an internationally acknowledged expert on physical testing and quality assurance of polymers and has published more than 70 technical papers and several books on testing subjects. He was responsible for Rapra's testing laboratories and services for 25 years and is editor of the journal Polymer Testing. He is active in many standards committees and is leader of the British delegation to ISO Technical Committee 45. Roger and his wife Yoland have opened their garden at Brownhill House for the National Garden Scheme for 33 years. They also enjoy driving their 4 kit cars.

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“This book compares many standard test methods for the determination of the short term mechanical properties (hardness, tension and compression), physical properties (electrical and thermal properties, permeability) and time dependent properties (dynamic stress and strain; creep, relaxation and set) of rubbers and thermoplastic elastomers. … The book is primarily intended as a reference for those directly concerned with testing elastomers or for those indirectly involved in testing such as design engineers.” (Margit Weltschev, Materials and Corrosion, Vol. 69 (7), July, 2018)