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Biodiversity and Conservation of Woody Plants

  • M. R. Ahuja
  • S. Mohan Jain
  • Addresses the assessment of genetic diversity in forest trees

  • Highlights conservation planning under climate change

  • Presents woody plant diversity, ecology, and evolution

  • Includes chapters written by leading scientists in forest genetics, ecology, molecular genetics, and biotechnology

  • The only book of its kind on the market


Part of the Sustainable Development and Biodiversity book series (SDEB, volume 17)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Genetic Diversity and Conservation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. V. Arunachalam, M. K. Rajesh
      Pages 3-36
    3. Christian Wehenkel, Samantha del Rocío Mariscal-Lucero, Juan Pablo Jaramillo-Correa, Carlos Antonio López-Sánchez, J. Jesús Vargas-Hernández, Cuauhtémoc Sáenz-Romero
      Pages 37-67
    4. Amalendu Tikader, Kunjupillai Vijayan
      Pages 95-127
    5. Tore Skrøppa, Kjersti Bakkebø Fjellstad
      Pages 129-153
    6. S. Changtragoon, R. Jalonen, A. J. Lowe
      Pages 155-195
    7. A. V. C. Silva, A. S. Jesus, A. N. R. Soares, A. S. Ledo
      Pages 197-218
  3. Biodiversity and Conservation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 219-219
    2. Maizura Ithnin, Norhalida Mohamed Serdari, Norziha Abdullah, Ahmad Kushairi, Rajinder Singh
      Pages 245-272
    3. Kimberly E. Medley, John K. Maingi, Christine M. Mutiti
      Pages 273-290
    4. Adel A. Abul-Soad, S. Mohan Jain, Mushtaque A. Jatoi
      Pages 313-353
    5. María Teresa González-Arnao, Natalia Dolce, María Elena González-Benito, Carlos R. Castillo Martínez, Carlos A. Cruz-Cruz
      Pages 355-419
    6. E. Corredoira, M. T. Martínez, M. C. Sanjosé, A. Ballester
      Pages 421-453
    7. Noel A. González-Valdivia, William Cetzal-Ix, Saikat Kumar Basu, Fernando Casanova-Lugo, Jesús F. Martínez-Puc
      Pages 455-487
    8. Francisco Solorio, Luis Ramírez, Saikat Basu, Liz Trenchard, Lucero Sarabia, Julia Wright et al.
      Pages 489-511

About this book


This book provides complete, comprehensive, and broad subject-based reviews for students, teachers, researchers, policymakers, conservationists, and NGOs interested in the biodiversity and conservation of woody plants.

Forests cover approximately 31 percent of the world’s total landmass; 93 percent is natural forest and only 7 percent consists of planted trees. Forest decline is progressing at an alarming rate worldwide. In addition to human activities (logging, deforestation, and exploiting forest lands for agriculture and industrial use), a number of other factors – including pests and diseases, drought, soil acidity, radiation, and ozone – are cumulatively contributing to global forest decline. 

The present situation forces us to focus on forest conservation strategies for the present and future. Gene conservation and maintaining genetic diversity in forest ecosystems are crucial to the preservation of forest genetic resources. This calls for integrated action to implement both the in situ (on site) preservation of forest stands and ex situ (distant from the original site) strategies for the conservation of woody plants’ genetic resources. Selected priority areas include: 1) assessing patterns of genetic diversity and threats, 2) understanding the biological processes regulating genetic diversity, 3) assessing the impact of human activities and climate change on genetic diversity, and 5) finding methods for prioritizing species and populations for the conservation of forest trees genetic resources.

All chapters were written by leading scientists in their respective fields, which include: woody plant diversity, ecology and evolution; assessment of genetic diversity in forest tree populations; conservation planning under climate change; and in situ and ex situ strategies, including biotechnological approaches, for the conservation of woody plants genetic resources.


Biodiversity and Conservation Woody Plants biological diversity in situ and ex situ strategies forest ecosystems

Editors and affiliations

  • M. R. Ahuja
    • 1
  • S. Mohan Jain
    • 2
  1. 1.Formerly Forestry ConsultantZobel Forestry AssociatesNew PaltzUSA
  2. 2.University of HelsinkiHelsinkiFinland

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