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Edmund Burke as Historian

War, Order and Civilisation


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This book provides a comprehensive survey of Edmund Burke's historical thought, a neglected area of both Burke scholarship and historiography. Ranging from Burke's general conception of history to his accounts of English, European, American, Irish and Asian-Muslim history, this book offers much-needed depth and context to his political life. Sora Sato illuminates Burke's ideas on civilisation and world order with careful analysis of both his well-known historical concepts, such as the ancient constitution of England and the spirit of chivalry, as well as his lesser-known opinions on war and the military. Written with clarity and precision, this book is an invaluable reference for scholars of Burke, early modern European history and political philosophy.


Edmund Burke and Western Thought Enlightenment historiography history of European ideas Enlightenment philosophy English historiography Burke and chivalry Burke's historical thought eighteenth-century historiography Burke's historical writings Burke and Irish history

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  1. 1.Toyo UniversityTokyoJapan

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Sora Sato is Lecturer in the Faculty of Economics at Toyo University, Japan. 

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“Sato’s study is successful in grounding long-discussed concepts of Burke’s social and political thought—from his ideas on conquest and chivalry to free trade and ancient constitutionalism in the larger historiographical debates of the Enlightenment, and doing so in a way that opens up new avenues for research. … it is a fine addition to a vibrant discipline and to Burkean studies as a whole.” (Xandra Bello, Studies in Burke and His Time, Vol. 29, 2020)