The Soils of Turkey

  • Selim Kapur
  • Erhan Akça
  • Hikmet Günal

Part of the World Soils Book Series book series (WSBS)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Hikmet Günal, Koray Haktanır, Selim Kapur
    Pages 1-13
  3. İbrahim Atalay
    Pages 15-24
  4. Ufuk Utku Turunçoğlu, Murat Türkeş, Deniz Bozkurt, Barış Önol, Ömer Lütfi Şen, Hasan Nüzhet Dalfes
    Pages 25-44
  5. Selim Kapur, Mehmet Aydın, Erhan Akça, Paul Reich
    Pages 45-55
  6. Mehmet Cemal Göncüoğlu
    Pages 57-73
  7. İbrahim Atalay, Cemal Saydam, Selahattin Kadir, Muhsin Eren
    Pages 75-103
  8. Mehmet Ali Çullu, Hikmet Günal, Erhan Akça, Selim Kapur
    Pages 105-109
  9. Erhan Akça, Sevda Polat, Somayyeh Razzaghi, Nadia Vignozzi, Zülküf Kaya, Selim Kapur
    Pages 111-128
  10. Hasan Özcan
    Pages 129-137
  11. Erhan Akça, Salih Aydemir, Selahattin Kadir, Muhsin Eren, Claudio Zucca, Hikmet Günal et al.
    Pages 139-167
  12. Hasan Özcan, Salih Aydemir, Mehmet Ali Çullu, Hikmet Günal, Muhsin Eren, Selahattin Kadir et al.
    Pages 169-206
  13. Hasan Özcan, Orhan Dengiz, Sabit Erşahin
    Pages 207-215
  14. Hüseyin Ekinci, Hasan Özcan, Orhan Yüksel, Sabit Erşahin
    Pages 217-221
  15. Ertuğrul Aksoy, Gökhan Özsoy, Ekin Ulaş Karaata, Duygu Boyraz
    Pages 223-229
  16. Mustafa Sarı, Yusuf Kurucu, Erhan Akça, Muhsin Eren, Selahattin Kadir, Hikmet Günal et al.
    Pages 231-249
  17. Yusuf Kurucu, Mustafa Tolga Esetlili, Erhan Akça, Mehmet Ali Çullu
    Pages 251-258
  18. Yusuf Kurucu, Mustafa Tolga Esetlili
    Pages 259-266
  19. Hasan Özcan, Mehmet Ali Çullu, Hikmet Günal, Hüseyin Ekinci, Mesut Budak, Ali Sungur et al.
    Pages 267-283
  20. Orhan Dengiz, Hasan Özcan, Sabit Erşahin
    Pages 285-290
  21. Hasan Özcan, Hüseyin Ekinci, Erhan Akça, Osman Polat, Muhsin Eren, Selahattin Kadir et al.
    Pages 291-311
  22. Hasan Özcan, Hüseyin Ekinci, Ali Sungur, Timuçin Everest
    Pages 313-320
  23. Orhan Dengiz, Hasan Özcan, Zülküf Kaya
    Pages 321-329
  24. Mehmet Ali Çullu, Hikmet Günal
    Pages 331-346
  25. Mahmut Dingil, Muhsin Eren, Selahattin Kadir, Alhan Sarıyev
    Pages 347-357
  26. Hakkı Emrah Erdoğan
    Pages 359-365
  27. Back Matter
    Pages 367-369

About this book


​This book compiles all available and relevant information concerning the soils of Turkey, including the soil survey studies conducted by universities and governmental institutes from the early 1950s until today. Recent findings and advances include the description and analyses of new profiles from some parts of the country by the chapter authors; reflecting the latest version of the World Reference Base (WRB) soil system, they produce a refined soil map. 

The book offers valuable guidance on soil management for planners of agricultural strategies, land management experts concerned with terrestrial carbon management (soil-sequestered and biomass carbon) and climate change mitigation, and educators concerned with raising awareness for the long-neglected significance of Turkey’s soils.


Earth Sciences Environmental Studies GIS/RS Geography Soil Sciences

Editors and affiliations

  • Selim Kapur
    • 1
  • Erhan Akça
    • 2
  • Hikmet Günal
    • 3
  1. 1.Department of Soil Science and Plant NutritionUniversity of ÇukurovaAdanaTurkey
  2. 2.School of Technical SciencesUniversity of AdıyamanAdıyamanTurkey
  3. 3.Department of Soil Science and Plant NutritionGaziosmanpaşa UniversityTokatTurkey

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