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Queens Matter in Early Modern Studies

  • Anna Riehl Bertolet

Part of the Queenship and Power book series (QAP)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xix
  2. Prelude: Studying Queens

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 17-17
  3. Queens and Matters of Gender

  4. Queens and Marriage

  5. Queens and Religion

  6. Queens, National Identity, and Diplomacy

About this book


The essays in this book traverse two centuries of queens and their afterlives—historical, mythological, and literary. They speak of the significant and subtle ways that queens leave their mark on the culture they inhabit, focusing on gender, marriage, national identity, diplomacy, and representations of queens in literature. Elizabeth I looms large in this volume, but the interrogation of queenship extends from Elizabeth's historical counterparts, such as Anne Boleyn and Catherine de Medici, to her fictional echoes in the pages of John Lyly, Edmund Spenser, William Shakespeare, Mary Wroth, John Milton, and Margaret Cavendish. Celebrating and building on the renowned scholarship of Carole Levin, Queens Matter in Early Modern Studies exemplifies a range of innovative approaches to examining women and power in the early modern period.


Carole Levin Early Modern period Female rulers Queenship and Power Gender studies Queenship Women in history Elizabethan history representations of queens in literature John Lyly's Campaspe Tudor consorts queens in early modern fairytales English Protestant queenship iconography of queenship lesbianism in early modern literature French diplomacy in Elizabethan England Blazing World Margaret Cavendish queenship and material culture

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  • Anna Riehl Bertolet
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About the editors

Anna Riehl Bertolet is Associate Professor of English at Auburn University, USA. She is the author of The Face of Queenship: Early Modern Representations of Elizabeth I (2010); and co-editor of Tudor Court Culture (2010), A Biographical Encyclopedia of Early Modern Englishwomen 1500-1650: Exemplary Lives and Memorable Acts (2016), and Creating the Premodern in the Postmodern Classroom: Creativity in Early English Literature and History Courses (forthcoming from ACMRS, 2018).

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“This impressive collection makes a significant contribution to our understanding of queenship.  The engaging essays range across centuries and disciplinary boundaries, exploring subjects as diverse as early modern fairy tales, Anne Boleyn’s coronation pageants, Elizabeth I as a godmother, Margaret Cavendish’s Blazing World, and more.  In their richness and variety, they are a fitting tribute to groundbreaking scholar Carole Levin.” (Mary Villeponteaux, Professor of Literature, Georgia Southern University, USA)