Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Place-Based Transformations and Transitions

  • Allan O'Connor
  • Erik Stam
  • Fiona Sussan
  • David B. Audretsch

Part of the International Studies in Entrepreneurship book series (ISEN, volume 38)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-vii
  2. Allan O’Connor, Erik Stam, Fiona Sussan, David B. Audretsch
    Pages 1-21
  3. Lisa Daniel, Christopher J. Medlin, Allan O’Connor, Larissa Statsenko, Rowena Vnuk, Gary Hancock
    Pages 23-44
  4. Lucio Fuentelsaz, Juan P. Maícas, Pedro Mata
    Pages 45-65
  5. Ravi Chinta, Fiona Sussan
    Pages 67-80
  6. M. J. de Villiers Scheepers, E. Mealy, M. Clements, Anne Lawrence
    Pages 101-130
  7. Fiona Sussan, Brian Sloboda, Richard Hall
    Pages 153-171
  8. Erik Stam
    Pages 173-197

About this book


This book features latest research insights into the study of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The focus is on understanding its influence on the development of socially and physically defined ‘places’, and how these factors are related with each other. The book argues that regardless of how the concept of a ‘place’ is defined, be it cities, regions, nations or otherwise, the impact of new technologies will influence much of our business, social, and economic landscapes. Evidently, there is an increasing pressure on ‘places’ to embrace new opportunities for strategic development and confront complacency. The solution may very well be in creating and sustaining entrepreneurial ecosystems where entrepreneurial action thrives and innovation drives the new economy.


Industry Transition Networks Entrepreneurship Policy Place Branding Regional Entrepreneurship Triple Helix Innovation

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  • Fiona Sussan
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  • David B. Audretsch
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