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Feminist Periodicals and Daily Life

Women and Modernity in British Culture

  • Contributes to efforts to restore analysis of socialist aesthetics within the study of the emergence of literary modernism

  • Brings a new methodological tool to modern periodical studies

  • Offers women’s studies a close reading of aspects of letters, women’s pages, and short sketches to highlight the modern magazine’s central role in enabling new representations of women’s experience of everyday life


About this book


This volume uncovers the ideas concerning everyday life circulating in the burgeoning feminist periodical culture of Britain in the early twentieth century. Barbara Green explores the ways in which the feminist press used its correspondence columns, women’s pages, fashion columns and short fictions to display the quiet hum of everyday life that provided the backdrop to the more dramatic events of feminist activism such as street marches or protests. Positioning itself at the interface of periodical studies and everyday life studies, Feminist Periodicals and Daily Life illuminates the more elusive aspects of the periodical archive through a study of those periodical forms that are particularly well-suited to conveying the mundane. Feminist journalists such as Rebecca West, Teresa Billington-Greig, E. M. Delafield and Emmeline Pethick Lawrence provided new ways of conceptualizing the significance of domestic life and imagining new possibilities for daily routines.


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About the authors

Barbara Green is Associate Professor in the Department of English and Concurrent Faculty in the Gender Studies Program at the University of Notre Dame. She is the author of Spectacular Confessions: Autobiography, Performative Activism, and the Sites of Suffrage (1997) and is co-editor of the Journal of Modern Periodical Studies.

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