Deep Drama

Exploring Life as Theater

  • Karl E. Scheibe

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About this book


This book applies a dramaturgical perspective to familiar psychological topics including fear, greed, shame, guilt, rejection, well-being and terrorism. In presenting vivid illustrations of how our understanding of psychological problems can be enriched and enlivened by employing dramatic language and concepts, it brings the well-established field of narrative psychology to life. Providing an accessible and fresh understanding of psychological problems through the language and concepts of theatre, Karl Scheibe builds on the work of leading scholars in the field including Sarbin, Gergen, Bruner and Goffman. This exciting and accessible book acts as a sequel to Scheibe's, The Drama of Everyday Life, and will appeal to students and scholars of narrative and social psychology, theatre studies and the studies of self and identity.


Narrative Psychology Dramaturgical Psychology Dramatic Analysis Narrative Analysis Applying Dramaturgical Perspectives Theatre of everyday life Addiction Psychology of fear Psychology of shame and guilt Confidence and rejection Wellbeing Personality Role theory

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