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Rethinking Curriculum in Times of Shifting Educational Context


  • Addresses the question "What is a living curriculum?"

  • Aims at praxis from many angles using multiple traditions and resources

  • Examines theoretical stance through existential phenomenology which avoids reference to human reality either in terms of an enclosed thinking substance or a perceiving subject facing an objective world which may or may not be knowable


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This book engages with the dynamic intersection of several domains such as philosophy, psychology, sociology, and pedagogy, in order to critically analyze and reinvent our understanding of curriculum. The chapters raise important questions such as: what are the conditions of possibility for a living curriculum in which Eros and intellect (or reason and intuition) are not separated? How is it possible to escape ideology that keeps us bound to defunct categories? What are the ingredients of an inquiry that is able to grasp curriculum as an expanding interpersonal movement? How do the teacher-learner ensemble get creatively constituted beyond obstructive dualities? How can we reinvent meaning in curriculum without totalization? Which indigenous understandings can be recovered in order to reinvent curriculum with greater relevance for diverse peoples? This volume addresses elements of reason, nonreason, becoming, dissipation, violence, uncertainty, transcendence, love, and death in order to come to a critical understanding of the relationship between knowledge and knower from these multiple perspectives.


ideology and curriculum pedagogy liberatory movement aesthetic sensibility Psyche and the Mechanosphere

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  1. 1.PESSE CampusAzim Premji University Pixel A PESSE CampusBengaluruIndia

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Kaustuv Roy is Professor of Philosophy and Sociology at Azim Premji University, India.

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