Fundamentals of Tropical Climate Dynamics

  • Tim Li
  • Pang-chi Hsu

Part of the Springer Atmospheric Sciences book series (SPRINGERATMO)

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About this book


This textbook introduces fundamental dynamics of tropical atmosphere and ocean useful for advanced graduate courses in atmospheric and climate sciences. It presents an overview of simple atmospheric and oceanic models, as well as the observed phenomena associated with major climate modes in the tropics. It provides students with an up-to-date understanding of the dynamics of tropical climate and weather phenomena. A particular focus is given to scale interactions and atmosphere-ocean interactions associated with tropical mean climate (such as ITCZ asymmetry and annual cycles), synoptic-scale variability (such as synoptic wave trains, easterly waves and tropical cyclones), intraseasonal oscillations (such as Madden-Julian Oscillation and boreal summer intraseasonal oscillation), and interannual variability (such as El Niño-Southern Oscillation and Indian Ocean Dipole). Theoretical and conceptual models are presented for better understanding of physical mechanisms behind the observational phenomena. This book aims to motivate graduate students in atmospheric sciences and oceanography by providing them with the key methods and tools necessary to conduct research.


Atmosphere-ocean Interactions Atmospheric and Oceanic Models Climate Modes in the Tropics ENSO Dynamics Monsoon Dynamics Textbook Tropical Climate Dynamics Tropical Meteorology Textbook

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  • Tim Li
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  • Pang-chi Hsu
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  1. 1.Department of Atmospheric SciencesUniversity of HawaiiHonoluluUSA
  2. 2.College of Atmospheric SciencesNanjing University of Information Science and TechnologyNanjingChina

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