Knowledge-Driven Developments in the Bioeconomy

Technological and Economic Perspectives

  • Stephan Dabbert
  • Iris Lewandowski
  • Jochen Weiss
  • Andreas Pyka

Part of the Economic Complexity and Evolution book series (ECAE)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Bioeconomy Systems: Theoretical Underpinnings

  3. Framing the Bioeconomy: Regional and National Approaches

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 55-55
    2. Sophie Urmetzer, Andreas Pyka
      Pages 57-82
    3. Mercedes Montero Vega, Olman Quirós Madrigal
      Pages 83-96
    4. Alcides L. Leao, Ivana Cesarino, Suresh Narine, Mohini Sain
      Pages 97-116
    5. Ismail Norli, Ariffin Fazilah, Ismail Mohamad Pazli
      Pages 141-159
    6. Keld Ejdrup Markedal, Jens Christian Sørensen, Susanne Sørensen
      Pages 161-175
  4. Resources of the Bioeconomy: Sustainable Biomass Supply

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 177-177
    2. Reges Heinrichs, Rafael Otto, Aline Magalhães, Guilherme Constantino Meirelles
      Pages 205-217
    3. Saulo Philipe Sebastião Guerra, Guilherme Oguri, Izabel Cristina Takitane, Giulia Lembo Caterina, Maura Seiko Tsutsui Esperancini
      Pages 219-232
    4. Muhammad Arif, Muhammad Riaz, C. Joe Martin, Yarmilla Reinprecht, Leonardo Simon, Bill Dean et al.
      Pages 233-255
  5. Bioeconomy Applications: Optimizing Processes and Management of the Bioeconomy

About this book


This book is at the cutting edge of the ongoing research in bioeconomy and encompasses both technological and economic strategies to master the transformation towards a knowledge- and bio-based production system. The volume combines different international perspectives with approaches of the various fields of research. Bioeconomy is one of the future concepts of an economy which, while based on renewable biological resources, also predicts economic growth. Starting from a growth-economic as well as knowledge- and innovation-economic perspective the contributions give an overview of different existing patterns and cases and describe the basic prerequisites for the bioeconomy transformation. Therewith, the volume is a resource for experts and newcomers in the field of bioeconomy giving insight into the life cycle of bio-based products, detailing the latest advancements and how to turn them into economic growth. 


Bioeconomy Knowledge-based economic growth Sustainability Technology transfer Agriculture Food science Biomass

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