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Soybean Breeding

  • Felipe Lopes da Silva
  • Aluízio Borém
  • Tuneo Sediyama
  • Willian Hytalo Ludke

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Francisco Charles dos Santos Silva, Tuneo Sediyama, Rita de Cássia Teixeira Oliveira, Aluízio Borém, Felipe Lopes da Silva, André Ricardo Gomes Bezerra et al.
    Pages 1-16
  3. Francisco Terasawa, José Maurício Terasawa, Milene Möller Terasawa
    Pages 17-27
  4. Marcelo Fernandes de Oliveira, Carlos Alberto Arrabal Arias
    Pages 29-41
  5. Éder Matsuo, Silvana da Costa Ferreira, Aluízio Borém, Tuneo Sediyama
    Pages 43-54
  6. Francisco de Jesus Vernetti, Francisco de Jesus Vernetti Junior
    Pages 55-79
  7. Felipe Lopes da Silva, Marcos Deon Vilela de Resende, Willian Hytalo Ludke, Thays Vieira Bueno
    Pages 81-112
  8. Magno Antonio Patto Ramalho, Adriano Teodoro Bruzi, Rita de Kássia Siqueira Teixeira
    Pages 113-129
  9. Leonardo Lopes Bhering, Leonardo de Azevedo Peixoto, Cosme Damião Cruz
    Pages 131-147
  10. Felipe Lopes da Silva, Willian Hytalo Ludke, Murilo Viotto Del Conte, Thays Vieira Bueno, Alisson Santos Lopes da Silva
    Pages 149-169
  11. Natal Antonio Vello, Felipe Maniero Nazato
    Pages 171-191
  12. Cosme Damião Cruz, Haroldo Silva Rodrigues, Renato Domiciano Silva Rosado, Leonardo Lopes Bhering
    Pages 193-227
  13. Marcos Deon Vilela de Resende, Magno Antonio Patto Ramalho, José Aírton Rodrigues Nunes, Felipe Lopes da Silva, Pedro Crescêncio Souza Carneiro
    Pages 229-252
  14. Ivan Schuster
    Pages 253-274
  15. Sandra Helena Unêda-Trevisoli, Fabiana Mota da Silva, Antonio Orlando Di Mauro
    Pages 275-291
  16. Ivan Schuster
    Pages 293-309
  17. Pedro Patric Pinho Morais, Aluízio Borém
    Pages 311-327
  18. Éder Matsuo, Paulo Afonso Ferreira, Tuneo Sediyama
    Pages 329-350
  19. José Baldin Pinheiro, José Djair Vendramim, André Luiz Lourenção
    Pages 351-357
  20. Stênio Andrey Guedes Dantas, Felipe Lopes da Silva, Leonardo Volpato, Rosângela Maria Barbosa, Guilherme de Sousa Paula, Heloisa Rocha do Nascimento et al.
    Pages 359-373

About this book


This book was written by soybean experts to cluster in a single publication the most relevant and modern topics in soybean breeding. It is geared mainly to students and soybean breeders around the world. It is unique since it presents the challenges and opportunities faced by soybean breeders outside the temperate world.


plant breeding genes for qualitative traits quantitative genetics selection of soybean parents genomics in soybean multiplication and maintenance of seed protection of soybean cultivar in Brazil

Editors and affiliations

  • Felipe Lopes da Silva
    • 1
  • Aluízio Borém
    • 2
  • Tuneo Sediyama
    • 3
  • Willian Hytalo Ludke
    • 4
  1. 1.Federal University of ViçosaViçosaBrazil
  2. 2.Federal University of ViçosaViçosaBrazil
  3. 3.Federal University of ViçosaViçosaBrazil
  4. 4.Federal University of ViçosaViçosaBrazil

About the editors

Dr. Silva: Has 12 years of experience in genetics and plant breeding. It is currently coordinator of the soybean breeding program at the Department of Plant Science at the Federal University of Viçosa. He develops projects in breeding for abiotic stresses, biometrics, genomics association and genome-wide selection. He is the major professor of several graduate students in genetics and breeding and Plant Science. Book Editor Soybeans: from planting to harvest, published in 2015 in Brazil.

Dr. Borem: Has 30+ years of working experience as professional plant biotechnologist and plant breeder, project coordinator, consultant, and university professor including being chairman of several capacity building initiatives. I have carried out international agricultural assignments over 12 countries and international organizations. I also obtained a Ph.D. degree in plant breeding and genetics at the University of Minnesota, USA, and published books in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Korean and Mandarin and several other technical, newspaper articles and awareness materials. As a senior scientist with strong leadership, networking, communication, management and outstanding organizational skills, I have performed assignments for UN bodies (UNIDO and FAO), for CIAT, and several other international organizations. The focus of my professional experience is biotechnology and plant breeding.

Dr. Sediyama: Has 40+ years of soybean breeder in Brazil. He was responsible for the development of more than 40 soybean cultivars from central Brazil and has published several books in soybean production and soybean breeding.

Mr. Ludke: He is a soybean breeder currently working toward his Ph.D. degree. 

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