Weird Comets and Asteroids

The Strange Little Worlds of the Sun's Family

  • David A. J.┬áSeargent

Part of the Astronomers' Universe book series (ASTRONOM)

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    Pages 201-247
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    Pages 249-257
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    Pages 259-279

About this book


This book concentrates on some of the odd aspects of comets and asteroids. Strange behavior of comets, such as outbursts and schisms, and how asteroids can temporally act as comets are discussed, together with the possible threat of Centaurs-class objects like the Taurid complex.

Recent years have seen the distinction between comets and asteroids become less prominent. Comets in "asteroid" orbits and vice versa have become almost commonplace and a clearer view of the role of small bodies in the formation of the Solar System and their effect on Earth has become apparent. Seargent covers this development in detail by including new data and information from space probes.  


Comets and asteroid transition objects Meteorites and meteoroids Meteor showers Taurid complex Comet morphology Comet behavior Temporary and ghost comets Asteroid meteor comet complex Wondering asteroids Asteroid families

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